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  1. I don't know, i kind of enjoy Axle's voice...but then again, i also like bob dylan's raspy singing too.
  2. I love Young's solos...but everything other than that is power chords. So, overall i think that angus hadpotential that he never harnessed.
  3. 1.Van Halen:Van Halen 2.Rising Force:Yngwie J. Malmsteen 3.Weekend Worriors:Ted Nugent 4.Animals-Pink Floyd 5.Led Zeppelin 4 (man w/ sticks):Led Zeppelin 6.Tommey-The Who 7.The Doors-The Doors 8.Nevermind-Nirvana 9.Rocket to Russia-The Ramones 10.Toys in the Attic-Aerosmith happy....?
  4. I have to many cds to count! also u all know nothing
  5. wow, it is to bad that all hendrix used was effect boxes! Seriously people, have u ever seen hendrix play purple haze or the star spangled banner? All he does is use effects! Also, eddie van halen himself calls his method neck tapping, not "hammer-ons". Also, what the hell w/ the speed thing! Anyone who has any idea how to play a guitar can play voodoo child as slow as pissible, but only people who are good can play voodoo child fast! so that gets rid of ur [bleep] idea of speed. so, therefore u know nothing! ask the people in this message board! Speed is the deciding factor between a good guitarist and an exellent guitarist! so [bleep] ur ideas! Also, i do know more about guitarists than anyone including u could fathom. If u r in here talking about stuff that is compeatly wrong (you), then u have no life. But if u actually know what u r talking about (me and some others in here), then u r just trying to educate those (you) who know nothing. and last, i did not say that erution was when EVH started NECK TAPPING as i said "Erution did not write itself, and u need more than 5 years expirence with neck tapping to build the god like song erution. And, who the [bleep] cares how i spell, get a life! Van Halen out!
  6. how 'bout Kirk Hammett! Metallica would have been nothing if it would not have been for his guitaring mind. Also, he helped write some good lyrics. And, I can't stress enough...SPEED! Think of the greats: Van Halen, Malmsteen, & Hammett. Also, commenting on the guy who said that jazz guitarists had been tapping on the neck befor EVH: you know nothing,clearly! Stanly Jorden was basically the only jazz guitarist to actually use the neck tapping, and he started in the 8o's...EVH started yeasrs befor that. And yes, Van Halen's first album came out in 1978, but he had to have started earlyer (ERUPTION DID NOT JUST PLAY ITS SELF!). Also, you r all fools! why? u ask, itis because you think people like van halen and malmsteen have no emotion in their music, they r just technically advanced...u know nothing! Have you ever watched EVH play erution in person or [bleep], even on film? no, so how can u say he has no emotion. You all r just washed up, seriously, do some reaserch!
  7. Malmsteen is amazing, I hate when there is singing in his songs because he is so good at guitar it takes the music down a noch also, i have been hearing people talk about how faster does not = better, but this is untrue! It all depends on how loud (or fast) you can take it. Such as, i would rather listen to EVH on Eruption than listen to hendrix on voodoo child simply because eruption is better! think about it, erution is basically (in skill level) just a much faster voodoo child, therefore it is harder to play eruption than voodoo child....Guitarests should not be mesured on melodic levels.....enyone can have a melodic beat (they are called back ups or rythem guitarests), but not everyone can play super fast. Guitarests should be mesured on how hard the lick is. e.x. B.B. King is a great gutarist because even in his slower blues songs (e.x. Sweet Sixteen) he has blazing fast speed compared to most people even on a slower song!
  8. I beleive his name is Billy Gibbons, he kicks ass!
  9. I have seen them in consert too, i loved it when eddie van halen turned Eruption into a like 15min solo!!! P.s. is anyone going to the STIX consert??? also, good choice on Eddie Van Halen!
  10. I would also like to see who likes Hendrix more than Eddie Van Halen...(give a response)
  11. Good for you,Eddie Van Halen Rocks!!! By the way, if anyone was like me and could not find Van Halen: Fair Warning...you can find it and almost any Borders stores!
  12. My fovorite albums (in order) 1)1984 - Van Halen 2)Van Halen - Van Halen 3)One on One - Cheap Trick 4)Loud,Fast Ramones - The Ramones 5)Aerosmith Greatest Hits - Aerosmith 6)Rising Force - Yngwie Malmsteen 7)Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - AC/DC 8)Best of Santana - Santana 9)Experiance Hendrix - Jimi Hendrix 10)Led Zepplin 4
  13. I also apologize for writing Jimmy insted of jimi, my brother was typing cuz i take to long...i just told him what to write.
  14. OK, I think everybody agrees that Jimi Hendrix's best guitaring piece is Voodoo Child (Slight Return) and everybody agrees that Eddie Van Halen's Best guitaring piece is Eruption. Now, whoever can listen to both of those and actualy say Hendrix is better, should not be talking about guitarists because you need to do some serious research. And please ,don't play the, well Hendrix was the first good guitarist to blow peoples minds. Because you have to think about Les Paul and Chuck Berry. They had it harder than Hendrix because they had to pioneer and Industrialize the electric Guitar. And they had to come up with some sweet licks w/o anyone to copy.
  15. Ok, man roots are awsome if your talking eddie van halen and jimmy hendrix but there are greater guitarists than jimmy hendrix like Yngwie Malmsteen. Now if u watch him and u watch eddie they are basicly the same guitarist they're both technicly advanced and obsessive compulsive.
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