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  1. No any up and coming male singers? Favor for a friend ::
  2. I thought both were funny and pretty good Any thoughts BTW, Be cool is a sequal to Get shorty
  3. Well then i guess Im also saying that i dont exist
  4. I strongly disagree with those two, but thats my opinion.
  5. hmm...strange Karhul hasnt responded yet
  6. Well actaully i just happened to remember that my sister had an album called violation, so i found the cover and it was by Starz. Thanks for the recommendation maybe ill buy it for myself.
  7. i found this out about "The Strangest Thing"
  8. One of my favorites: "As my plastic Surgeon always said, if ya gotta go, go with a smile"- From Batman
  9. Post your favorite Links for other people. digitaldreamdoor-music lists ebaumsworld-Humor website addictinggames- games website liquidgeneration -another humour website Ill post more links later.
  10. Well i was thinking of Down to earth by Rainbow but ur still right. Bananamour: Kevin Ayers Salty DOg
  11. I kind of miss it to but this new avatar has the whole band and my favorite doors album.
  12. I agree John Densmore has always been underrated. Keith Moon has always been my favorite and John Bonham and Neil Peart. Heres a list of the greatest
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