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  1. No any up and coming male singers? Favor for a friend ::
  2. I thought both were funny and pretty good Any thoughts BTW, Be cool is a sequal to Get shorty
  3. Well then i guess Im also saying that i dont exist
  4. I strongly disagree with those two, but thats my opinion.
  5. hmm...strange Karhul hasnt responded yet
  6. Well actaully i just happened to remember that my sister had an album called violation, so i found the cover and it was by Starz. Thanks for the recommendation maybe ill buy it for myself.
  7. i found this out about "The Strangest Thing"
  8. One of my favorites: "As my plastic Surgeon always said, if ya gotta go, go with a smile"- From Batman
  9. Post your favorite Links for other people. digitaldreamdoor-music lists ebaumsworld-Humor website addictinggames- games website liquidgeneration -another humour website Ill post more links later.
  10. Well i was thinking of Down to earth by Rainbow but ur still right. Bananamour: Kevin Ayers Salty DOg
  11. I kind of miss it to but this new avatar has the whole band and my favorite doors album.
  12. I agree John Densmore has always been underrated. Keith Moon has always been my favorite and John Bonham and Neil Peart. Heres a list of the greatest
  13. Johnny Mahoe of course: Listen to the story of Johnny Mahoe Pride of the hometown, number one school boy Never got in trouble, always kept his nose clean So when the news hit the town, nobody could believe what happened to Johnny Mahoe You see Johnny started hanging with the neighborhood thugs Boys wearing colors, the ones dealing drugs Initiaiton's over, Johnny's part of the gang Fighting for his colors, playing with his bang bang Johnny Mahoe CHORUS: Why hang around with the wrong crowd Why let them poison your mind It's okay, it's okay, turn and walk the other way You d
  14. Mighty Mighty Bosstones "The Swiss Army ROmance"
  15. Thank u again jr. By the way were u being sarcastic with the dude
  16. Ive decide to change this game: Post any picture and the next person makes up a name and a band that would make that album.
  17. One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer- George Thurgood We built this city- Jefferson Starship (or was it Starship, but they rarely play this only a couple times on the radio)
  18. Well im back again, i was away from a computer for a while. I had a question about a thread that i cant find, well i havent looked that hard ::, but anyway. Its the thread for the oscars, i know i didnt win the t shirt but i was just wondering what happened to it. Thanks
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