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  1. [just guessing] Papa was a rolling stone - Tempations?
  2. RubyTuesday

    Bonnie Raitt

    She opened for the stones concert. The sound was terrible, but what can u expect for such a big place like Bc place?
  3. GREAT show. Well i thought so. The first song, Jumping Jack Flash...didint impress me very much. Disappointed really. (They showed it on the news) but after that song they played Oh No not you again. It was alright but after those two songs, things started to get heated up Mick Jagger dueted with Bonnie Raitt on Shine a Light. I actually wanted to hear Dead Flowers, but that one will do. They had pyro technics so when they played sympathy for the devil, a big gigantic fire burst out of the top of the stage Amazing I had an awesome time the stones are great. Set list Jumping Jack Flash It's Only Rock'n Roll Oh No Not You Again She Was Hot Shine a Light (with Bonnie Raitt) Streets Of Love Midnight Rambler Tumbling Dice --- Introductions You Got The Silver (Keith) Slipping Away (Keith) Connection (Keith) Miss You (to B-stage) Get Off Of My Cloud Start Me Up Honky Tonk Women (to main stage) Sympathy For The Devil Paint It Black Brown Sugar You Can't Always Get What You Want (encore) Satisfaction (encore
  4. AAAAYE! Im sooo not sleeping tonight xD AAAH! Im so excited!!! You'll see me --> Like that Lmao I GET TO SEE THE STONES!! I GET TO SEE THE STONES!! I GET TO SEE THE STONES!! I GET TO SEE THE STONES!! I GET TO SEE THE STONES!! I think its out of my system now... I'll give you my feedback on sunday when i get back. Aaaah!! I GET TO SEE THE STONES!! I GET TO SEE THE STONES!! I GET TO SEE THE STONES!!
  5. ! No way! Was that good? I love Bob Segar!
  6. Well I attended a Beatles Tribute concert called Rain it was fabulous... and now im seeing the stones. w00t.
  7. Yea, i know. Just to know you SAW the stones. MAkes me happy just to go. Im lucky for going! Many people cant afford it.
  8. For a rainin night eh? Hmmm I suggest.... Black Water by the one and only DOOBIE BROTHERS!!
  9. Im on the upper level sadly XD I think, in the R section
  10. Hahah! Fabulous! Made me chuckle.
  11. Very nice thats Jim Morrison right?
  12. Thats silly, i think they should be allowed to do anything they want, well, not murder or anything like that, but if its part of the show, its part of the show
  13. Of course im going to see them. They are the best "rock n roll" band ever, in my book.
  14. Awesome! Thank you. I was have doubts last month, because my Uncle and my Brother said, oh they are getting to old, on the super bowl they sounded horrible. But i started reading up, and im more excited then ever.
  15. Awesome. I dont know where i heard they were gonna stop touring Maybe i dreamnt it. Hehe. Anyways, im very excited.
  16. Hello, lmao. Thank you for the welcome Brian Jones, well, hes just fabulous isnt he? Hes my 3rd favorite stone. But, i saw this picture on the net and, well, i giggled. Lol.
  17. I changed it back, i couldnt find the right avatar. But this one will do
  18. Bowie did a duet with Mick jagger Dancing in the streets. Fabulous song.
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