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Who's Voice would you Steal??


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Id have to take Freddie Mercurys talent for singing high and soft...and David Bowies talent for Hittin Loud High notes. Throw in some Robert Plant, Elton John, and Billy Joel. I dont wanna get greedy, so ill leave the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Alone...

Ill throw in female maybe...Emmy Rossum and Abba! Ill use Abba just to get noticed...then ill hand them to Sammy.

Ugh, wheres my head...Aaron Neville too!

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I've thought about this all day and I just can't figure it out. The voices that I like (Aretha, Chaka, Patti) aren't necessarily the voices I would like to have. I'd love to hit the high notes, but I also like the raspy, low voices too. So I guess I'd go with Melissa Etheridge, Bonnie Raitt and Susan Tedeschi.

I reserve the option to change my mind at any time I see fit.

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...I don't think she sounded like a billy goat in her younger days....
She sounded a lot like the goat I used to date at college, especially on the high notes :)

Seriously though folks, there's a great deal of difference between 'beautiful' and 'sexy' and it's really hard to decide which you like best...Stevie Nicks does sound a bit sexy, but only in a muesli knitting, kind of crystal hugging reiki sort of way...she's a bit of a balm cake in real life (well, she was when I was going with her) :) You sort of know that she'd boil your bunny if she was on a downer and her star was in the wrong house.

If a bloke seroiusly has to decide what sort of female voice he'd like to have he's got to choose between being the screwer or the screwed....not an easy choice for your average hot (or, indeed, tepid, blooded male)....me, I'd go for Judie Tzuke....but only because I fancied her rotten...then I could go screw myself, which, of course, is what you all want me to go and do right now :)

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James Taylor - mellow and as smooth as a fine malt whiskey.

Andy Williams- When he was younger, one of the sweetest tenor voices of all time.

If I were to choose a woman's voice, it would be Anne Murray (husky, sexy and rich) or Jane Olivor (clear and sweet like a bell ringing).

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My choices would be:

1st : Michael Sweet from the band, Stryper.

One listen to the song "Always There For You", and you'll hear why.

Great song! Great vocals! :rockon:

2nd: Rob Halford from the band, Judas Priest.

What a great range he has! :thumbsup:

3rd: Bruce Dickinson from the band, Iron Maiden.

Got to agree with Demosthenes. An air raid siren is a good way to describe Bruce's voice, with one exception: Bruce's voice isn't irritating like an air raid siren. It's rock metal vocals at it's finest! :rockon:

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Love Bobby Hatfield's voice. Two of his 'solo' efforts credited to "the Righteous Brothers", Unchained Melody and Ebb Tide are so beautiful. Music Students: the opening note on their version of Ebb Tide is perfect middle C.

Of course Bill Medley's voice complemented his. That's why I believe You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' is the complete pop song, and the #1 Song of the Rock Era.


You've heard that story about Jay holding that note almost at the end of Cara Mia for a record time (for a Pop singer) ? It wasn't included on the single that was released unfortunately.


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