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  1. Bruce Dickenson, hands down. No one beats the Air Raid Siren. If I had to pick a second, I'd probably pick Don Henley. Desperado is one of my favorite songs ever, I have so many memories with it.
  2. How about Barber of Seville from Largo Al Factotum? Ya know, that itallian (opera, I believe) that's famous for the line "Figaro"? Yeah, that probably is the farthest I have off from my normal stuff, but when you go from Metal to Piano to a musical, there's not much that's not normal. Also, my friend will be burning me some Israeli songs, mostly rap. We'll be the coolest hebrew-rapping jews on the block.
  3. Thanks. I joined a while ago, and sort of forgot about it. And don't worry, I'll keep down the speeches, although if I do start mumbling alot, just blame the rocks in my mouth.
  4. I just can't listen to Jet Airliner. Everytime I hear it, I want to sing Crossroads, since the first riff is a blantent ripoff of it, although I do admit it does change later. Mine's probably Godzilla by BOC, I love that powerchord riff. I'm Burning For You is really good too. Heart's Crazy On You is possibly the fatest fingerpicking I've ever heard, and deserves props just for that. Of course, there's plenty of other already named, and ones I'm forgetting, but I'm too lazy to think any harder.
  5. For anyone that grew up in the 90s, I know for me and my friends atleast, "The Way" By Fastball was a classic. Although almost no one I know knew who made the song, they all recognize it instantly. It always gives me this deep chill, reminding me of being a child, but nothing specific of my childhood. I guess that's what happens when you're not even a teen yet when the song came out.
  6. I like Nightwish's Versions of "Phantom of the Opera" (originally by BA Smith) and "Over the Hills and Far Away" (By Gary Moore).
  7. Many of who I would say have been mentioned already, but I'd like to add Chuck Berry. He's a classic and an original. Also, if it counts, Peter Frampton's use of the voice box is quite distinguising.
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