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  1. Brippa

    In my pants!

    Iron Man in my pants
  2. santa claus is coming to town
  3. The devel went down to georgia!
  4. Brippa

    Rate the Food!

    10/10, I've never had vanilla hot chocolate and it sounds wicked good! I just had a bowl of frosted flakes (with milk)
  5. The capital city of the U.K. is phoning you ^sorry if that's a really stupid one
  6. I really like the album because it's so different from everything they have done, but it did take me a while to get into it
  7. I'm obsessed with "Tom Sawyer"!
  8. "The name's Bond. James Bond." "Houston we have a problem." Napoleon Dynamite quotes
  9. Haha defenitly Hootie and the Blowfish. The poor guy will always be called Hootie
  10. If I were a guy I'd say Freddie Mercury, he could do no wrong.
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