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    Rocks musical family tree.

    Eric Clapton did an album with BB King, who did an album with Eric Clapton who did an album with BB King who did an album with Eric Clapton who did an album with BB King
  2. NewYorkMets9

    Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame

    It's pretty awesome. I actually didn't like the gift shop and was turned off by the lack of attention to the "classic rock" bands (Zep, the Who, Queen, Pink Floyd, CCR, Skynyrd, Allmans) and how they completely ignore prog (Rush, King Crimson, Jethro Tull and so on).
  3. NewYorkMets9

    Pink Floyd's best songs

    The song is called "Another Brick in the Wall" not "We Don't Need No Education"
  4. NewYorkMets9

    Kool & the Gang co-founder dead

    Was he Kool or The Gang?
  5. NewYorkMets9

    Talk about music being made this decade

    Californication > Stadium Arcadium > BSSM All are amazing though. I'd give Californication a 10/10 and the other two 9/10.
  6. NewYorkMets9

    Top 10 Best Dads are...........

  7. NewYorkMets9

    Gnarls Barkley

    That was awesome! Great find EA.
  8. Wow, I just dow...got this album along with 3 others. This band is amazing. Thank you so much batman.
  9. NewYorkMets9

    Idol runner-up with record deal

    Brother Iz's "Somewhere" >>>>>>>>> Katherine McPhee's.
  10. NewYorkMets9

    What were the 80s really like?

    February 9, 1989 will be known as "King's Day" in the future. I'll let you figure out why.
  11. NewYorkMets9

    What were the 80s really like?

    I think PEW had a bad vacation to Neverland Ranch in 1987
  12. NewYorkMets9

    Bon Jovi Embarrassed For the Stones

    Roger Daltrey: "I hope I die before I get old." Roger Daltrey: "Err, old is just a state of mind."
  13. NewYorkMets9


    Umm, this is kind of hard to put into words. The rhythm plays....rhythym parts. Usually thats just chords that fill in the sound and keep time. Lead plays, I guess, the more challenging parts. They'll solo or play something outside of the basic riff. If you're a Queen fan, listen to "Tie Your Mother Down". If I'm not mistaken, during the solo you can hear Brian playing the riff (rhythym) and soloing (lead) over it.
  14. NewYorkMets9

    Gnarls Barkley

    I really can't believe that. I mean, Barkley is random enough, but something that rhymes with Charles in front of it?
  15. NewYorkMets9

    Covers done better than the originals

    You have to be kidding me.