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  1. Yeah, that's what i kind of thought. The chorus is clearly Eric Clapton, but the other parts sound like someone different.
  2. In the song I Feel Free by Cream does anyone know if Eric Clapton sings the really deep part before the chorus? Thanks.
  3. It's definetely the first part of 2112. They play it at least once a week.
  4. There is a song that rush sings that always plays on the radio and i can't figure out the name of it. I think that its says priest of the devil but i am not positive. It has a big drum part before they start singing. Thanks.
  5. Does anyone know if this song is based on Lindsey Buckingham's relationship with Stevie Nicks?
  6. That's it!!! Thank You so much. :happybanana:
  7. Does anyone know a son from Ferris Bueller's Day off that goes "Big City Down town, woohoo."? I would really like to know who sings it and what the real name is. Thanks. :happybanana:
  8. Does anyone know a classic rock song that goes "life's a sin"? Sorry those are the only words I remember.
  9. Does anyone know what this songs really about? I really like this song and would like any information about it. Thanks.
  10. does anyone know what the chorus of this song is about? Thanks
  11. Hi. I like a lot of Pink Floyd songs and I was wondering what other people think are there best songs. Thanks
  12. I know. I couldn't quite understand what they were saying. Now when i listen to it I can't believe that i didn't understand it.
  13. What's the Door's light my fire about? Thanks Is it about drugs?
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