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  1. Being from the generation where hippies were in the spotlight so to speak I am one. I lived the lifestyle of one and have the ideals of the hippie generation. People looked at us like we were terrible people or poor trash. But that is not true, you don't have to be poor to be a hippie. It is not the way you dress, behavior, economic status, or social milieu. It is how one approaches life....beliveing in freedom, peace, love, respection others and of course the earth. Hippies haven't died, they are still here and always have been over the years. Some may even put Jesus in there, since he was a man of peace, not using violence to solve a situation. I think we all have some hippie in us. And I am not saying everyone should be a hippie, just that we all can practice peace and love and respect more in our daily lives.
  2. I am big JT fan, I reviewed Sweet Baby James in the album reviews thread...he is a wonderful singer/songwriter. He has a voice that pulls you in, so sweet and friendly. His battle with heroin was so terrible, it's amazing he is still here with us. I have seen him twice in concert back in the 70's and I would advise anyone who likes to listen to JT to catch a live show. It is a truly wonderful experience.
  3. S2V....your words do Jim Croce justice. You painted who he was with your words. He gave us songs that will last forever, and I hope that every generation discovers them. He is missed by so many who were blessed to be here to see him perform live. A true musical spirit.
  4. An amazing album Tapestry is, Carole King singing with soul and being sweet and gentle also. Her voice is such a wonderful gift and the words that come from within her soul and heart we are blessed to have had her share them with us. This is an album that does stand the test of time. She is a beautiful spirit and I wish we were hearing more from her today.
  5. I find this thread to be rather cool. Giving your opinion on an album you enjoy and then others expressing theirs. This is my choice... James Taylor has a voice that so inviting, friendly, asking you to come and listen to what he has to say. With this album he opened his soul showing you all the scars. Songs like Fire and Rain with the mental hospital experience and the suicide of a friend, so heart grabbing we all could connect at some level. With the lyrics throughout the album James touches on religion, personal idenity, relationship struggles, and everything in between. I bought this when it was released in 1970 and still play it now, I have never replaced it with a CD. I don't have the memories with a CD. James Taylor with this album let his listeners know he was an influential singer-songwriter. I never tire of hearing Anywhere Like Heaven, Country Road, Sweet Baby James, and the sexy blues of Steamroller. An album of my time that I recommend to anyone who has not heard it to take a listen. No matter what generation you are from.
  6. I don't listen to radio too often, I still play my albums and CD's, but what that program director is thinking of doing is ludacris! And being a Dylan fan that got to me right off the bat. Radio stations are for music to be heard. I like radio from the 70's when stations would play whole albums and the DJ's knew the music they were playing. But to boycott an artist for any reason is wrong. Freedom of speech or freedom of song!
  7. Bye Bye Birdie Fun film with Janet Leigh, Dick Van Dyke, Ann-Margret, and Paul Lynde. The Commitments Great film with rock and soul from Ireland. Rock 'n' Roll High School This is such a cult classic, and just downright funny! And great music from The Ramones, Paul McCartney, Fleetwood Mac, Alice Cooper, Chuyck Berry, Velvet Underground Bound for Glory Very interesting cast in this film. The celebration of the life of Woodie Guthrie. You need to check this one out if you haven't already. Nashville A Robert Altman film with a wacky cast of Henry Gibson, Lily Tomlin, Ronee Blakley, Keith Carradine, Geraldine Chaplin, Barbara Harris, Karen Black, Joan Tewkesbury. Sweet and Lowdown Ok it's Woody Allen, but it is about Emmet Ray who ruled as the second greatest jazz guitarist in the world in the 1930's. This is Woody's fictional account of his life and what a life it was, gangsters and love affairs. All these films are worth taking a look at, something for everyone. And they cover different times in music history sort of.
  8. Two movies I love to watch over again every now and then are Godspell and Hair, I saw both as plays back in the 70's, in fact I saw Godspell at the Ford Theatre in Washington, DC...and amazing performance. Both of those films capture a lot of what I was living in those times.
  9. Emmylou Harris or Laura Nyro...both ladies have truly unique wonderful voices
  10. If I could be an artist for a day I would enjoy Emmy Lou Harris, she has the voice of an angel. She is a sweet soul who is beautiful inside and out.
  11. Not a prayer....just thoughts from my soul thanking him for what he gave us and that his spirit will be in us to share with others in the future. But if it was a prayer, nothing wrong with that, we should pray for ones we care about.
  12. John you are a wonderful soul who is with us daily and you are missed by so many. May your spirit be here for more to find in the future.
  13. John Lennon to me means peace, he was a very deep soul, saying what he was thinking and feeling and if you didn't agree, he didn't care, but at the same time respected your view also. I can't remember a time when he wasn't thought of as "big". A deep loss is felt by many everyday in this world of ours. One can't help but wonder what John had to give us that we will never know about.
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