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  1. Thanks for the great suggestions. I thought of Peggy Lee's Fever: "Romeo he loved Juliet. Juliet she felt the same."
  2. I'm looking for songs that specifically reference literary characters, authors, or lines. I've come up with four so far Whiter Shade of Pale: "as the miller told his tale" (Canterbury Tales) Ramble On: "but Gollum and the evil one crept up" (Lord of the Rings trilogy) Don't Stand So Close to Me: "just like the old man in that book by Nabokov" Wuthering Heights: "Heathcliff it's me" (Wuthering Heights)
  3. Thanks Katie and bluesboy. The song is Such Great Heights by The Postal Service. I had no idea the song and EA's sig were one and the same.
  4. There's a commercial for M & M's where the candy forms images like a kaledescope and a song plays in the background I am sure is a Donovan song. I lost the lyric I wrote down in order to look up the song. Does any one know the song?
  5. If Carl meant German to mean the singer's nationality (rather than the language the song is sung in) Falco was Austrian
  6. Old Brown Shoe Octopus Garden You Know My Name
  7. Neil Young, esp. Sugar Mountain, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, After the Goldrush, and Only Love Can Break Your Heart. I've also had James Blunt "You're Beautiful" on repeat a lot lately.
  8. 1All My Love 2Tangerine 3Thank You 4Going to California 5Whole Lotta Love 6Immigrant Song 7That's the Way 8Over the Hills and Far Away 9Misty Mountain Hop 10The Battle of Evermore
  9. 1 In My Life 2 Blackbird 3 Two of Us 4 Norwegian Wood 5 Let It Be 6 Sexy Sadie 7 This Boy 8 Don't Let Me Down 9 Here Comes the Sun 10 Fool on the Hill
  10. You may get your wish. I read that the producers say the youngest characters are the ones more apt to be killed off, as they don't have enough grounds for back story. How did last week's episode end? My VCR cut off when Locke finished lining up the statues and shut the door.
  11. and ribbon barrettes, banana clips, plastic charm bracelets and necklaces. In my middle school the cool way for girls to dress was oversized Coca~Cola shirts, stirrup pants, two pairs of socks in alternating colors (wearing one white sock on bottom, one red on top on one foot, then reversing the colors on the other foot), and high top sneakers. Way better than butt-crack showing jeans girls wear now.
  12. She's the kind of girl you want so much it makes you sorry, still you don't regret a single day--Girl And when the broken hearted people living in the world agree, there will be an answer--Let It Be
  13. I made my own wallpaper with pics from Time Enough at Last, The Masks, Eye of the Beholder, It's a Good Life, a brunette Elizabeth Montgomery from Two, and the really creepy chick from Twenty-Two. I also downloaded a TZ screensaver, adn found a site that offers wallpaper from each individual episode.
  14. Batman, two things: 1-I miss dancing Ricky Gervais, and 2-is it difficult to make a collage like yours? I'd like to have wallpaper of images from my favorite episodes. I am very close to my goal of seeing all 156 eps. I have only 34 left to see.
  15. Does any one know which Kinks song Charlie sang in last weeks episode?
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