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Farewell For Now Songfacts Family


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As some of you know. I have joined the Army National Guard...Well, my training date is just around the corner...in about a week and a half. Training lasts 19 weeks...roughy 4 1/2 5 months...little less.

So, we arent like the kicked back Canadian army as bad as i wish it. We dont get computer access and stuff like that! So, it shall be a farewell for now! Ill want PLENTY of updates when i get back...ill be around the forums here and there, but somewhat fading away into the internets abyss.

I shall however contact you other ways through my gf maybe to say a quick hello. She will most likely use this post...some of you know her as lostinyoux her name is Brittany.

You guys are family to me, and i wish like hell you could come see me graduate!

Ill be in Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. pretty far down from St. Louis. I am a Military Police officer in training. as of now, i am PV2(Private Second Class) Paul Dube.

I thought it would fit that i shared with you the famous last words of one man who helped shape a whole country.

"Freedom!" -William Wallace

Freedom is what its all about!

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Well, no important holidays from now til im done sadly. At least none that they care about.

My 20th birthday will be spent doing push ups...and more push ups...and if they find out about my birthday...maybe ill get to do some more push ups. lol.

I feel almost honored in someway to be a part of this. Feels pretty good. But then in some ways im scared and nervous. I dont know if im ready, but i guess i dont have a choice!

Ill still be posting for a few days guys...not gone yet...but ill post my final goodbye here.

Thanks everybody!

haha, if anybody has any military experience or knowledge...PLEASE post some pointers!

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Tip: When the platoon sargeant is handing out duties do not volunteer. If asked if you have a driver's license do not immediately jump up and down and say yes. He may tell you to drive the floor buffer. (Happened to me).

In short, wait til you get a read on people before you offer yourself up.

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Paul I'm so proud! Good luck hon, We'll all be thinking of you, and all the other brave young guys.

Hey on the if you get lonesome down there at Leonard Wood, just let me know. If you get the chance come on up to St Louis (it's not that far) and I'll point you in the right direction (the fun one). Elvy is right here too, just the opposite direction! ;)

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