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Maybe I did, maybe i didnt.

Hey guys...i have hit some health concerns. My asthma has started getting the best of me in the middle of training. We are not completely sure what is gonna happen.

The 128th MP BN is deploying to IRAQ...yeah, thats my unit. They deploy next month. I will still be in training, so i dont know whats gonna happen. If my asthma is bad enough, they wanna kick me out. But, id like to stay in, stay home and get better. Crazy life. Please...pray i dont have to go. Pray and hope everything will be okay.

I love you guys! CeeCee it was GREAT seeing you.

By the way...ive learned alot of amazing things!

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You maybe need to remind the docs you are in Missouri. Asthma can get you hard here. I'm serious, people with asthma have a hard time living here, specially this time of year.

You behave now..... :)

We'll all pray for you.

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Good to hear from you again, Paul, even under dubious circumstances. I just hope you get whatever it is you're looking for.

People with respiratory problems often move to AZ. I guess the dry air helps.

My sister's got a guest room at her house. Let me know if I should make a reservation for you :grin:

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Iraq is the worst place for asthma, Paul... it´s so dry... they must send you somewhere else, to Spain, for instance... ;)

I´m starting a weed strike... if the gods listen to my prayers you won´t go to Iraq and I´ll be smoking a joint very soon. :bow: :bow:

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