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Farewell For Now Songfacts Family


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Well guys, im home for a few days, my Grandma died...so i get to come home on Emergency Leave...me and Brittany are no longer together, i guess she couldnt handle the seperation so, she decided to let another guy kiss her and...we will just leave it at that. Basic Training is awesome and ive had a lot of fun so far...how have things been goin here? Miss me?

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Hi Psycho...I'm sorry about your grandma. Truly.

So how do you like Misery? (missouri). I'm glad you found some fun (ever get to St Louis?), And especially glad that you're finding basic awesome. I hope it stays for that way for you. So how long do you have at home?

^^^^by the way, think of the alphabet. ;)

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Right now, im in St. Louis, im at the USO in the airport which is pretty cool. They take care of you here.

Oh, i hate Misery...no offense...i saw all stinkin 4 seasons in one day! Snowed in the morning...and was 80 degrees at night. And then we had golfball size hail the night all those really bad storms came through here and killed people. The weather sucks!

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Paul! It's so good to see you here! I'm glad that you are liking basic well enough.

I'm very, very sorry to hear about your grandmother, and about Brittney. Must feel like you leave town one minute, and everything goes down the toilet the next.

Hang in there - I think I speak for everyone here when I say that we have wondered how you are faring and hoping for the best. Good to know you're alive and well...

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my military adress is

PV2 Dube, Paul

A Co. 787 MP BN PLT 3

2230 Iowa Ave. Unit 17

Fort Leonard Wood, MO. 65473

Soon we should be able to get more passes and get to go around post and use computers and cellphones and things of that nature. Should be getting alot easier.

For those of you with Military Experience. My favorite weapon right now is the MK 19 40mm.


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Hey, Psych! good to have you back! You have my sympathies regarding the unfortunate set of circumstances that seem to have befallen you, but we're always there for you! :) You know that... never fear. So now that we have your address we can write you letters and send you presents and things?

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Yeah, i went through the gas chamber about week 3...that was VERY special. I had the worst sinus infection before hand...i didnt have it after that!

I dry shaved so the drill sergeants wouldnt notice i didnt shave at all.

CEE CEE I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU!!! Ill private message you my cell number, i should most likely be at the USO. My plane wont arrive at St. Louis until 11.

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