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  1. Kia Ora Songfactors! I'm thinking you may have heard about the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand last week. The damage is really bad with 155 people dead, 200+ still missing and thousands needing help with basic things like a roof over their heads, clean water,sanitation and food. Then there's the damage to the city, the costs of repairs are in the billions so Christchurch really needs any help they can get. One way of helping which might have you Songfactors interested is through Music website, Music Hype. New Zealand artists have donated songs to the cause and for a minimum $5 donation through paypal people such as yourselves can download 6 hours of New Zealand music. All proceeds go to Red Cross NZ. With so many artists donating their music, the songs are being updated frequently so I can't exactly guarantee what you'll be listening to, but it'll be a chance to give kiwi music a go AND help out people in need. For more information you can check out the Music Hype website: http://musichype.com/songs-for-christchurch/ Ash
  2. Ohhhhhh wow. I was a tadpole for the longest time. I think I got kind of attached to it. Peter Pan syndrome or something. I guess I'll just keep rocking the lobster for the next few posts while pondering this wonderful evolutionary chain where a starfish can turn into a dolphin.
  3. A New Zealand band. Just listen Maybe Tomorrow- Goldenhorse Wake Up Brother- Goldenhorse Run Run Run- Goldenhorse
  4. One of my favourite kiwi singers. She has had her songs feature in films, but apart from that I don't believe she's particularly well known in other parts of the world. Sway- Bic Runga When I See You Smile- Bic Runga Something Good- Bic Runga
  5. waaahh I'm a lobster. When did that happen?
  6. 1. Idlewild Blue – Outkast 2. A Punk- Vampire Weekend 3. The Night Before- The Beatles 4. Rake Song- Decemberists 5. Sour Times- Portishead 6. Singin’in the Rain- Gene Kelly 7. You and I- Wilco w Feist 8. Scratch my Back- Slim Harpo Baby 9. Tobacco Road- The Nashville teens 10. Bright Side of the Road- Van Morrison
  7. Vampire Weekend- A-Punk Decemberists- The Rake's Song
  8. Devendra Banhart- A Ribbon I'd like to sing to you, if you'd like me too I'd like to sing to you, if you'd like me too I'd like to sing, sing, sing, sing, sing to you I'd like to dance with you, if you'd like me too I'd like to dance with you, if you'd like me too I'd like to dance, dance, dance, dance, dance with you I'd like to sleep with you, if you'd like me too I'd like to sleep with you, if you'd like me too I'd like to sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep with you Ribbons around the fumes, we'll be sleeping soon Ribbons around the fumes, we'll be sleeping soon
  9. Thanks Bluesboy!! =) Will have to show my flatmate and see what she thinks!!
  10. Thanks Bluesboy!! =) Will have to show my flatmate and see what she thinks!!
  11. Heya, My flatmate is absolutely in love with 23 seconds of song which can be found in this Ron Brugal ad: I was wondering if anyone here knows whether this is part of a longer song, who it is by or where we can find more music of a similar style? Thanks! Ash
  12. Yay! Glad you like them! I moved to Barcelona about a month ago now to teach English!
  13. I thought some of you may like the Black Seeds- they are a seven (or sometimes more) piece group. Their sound is a mix of soul, funk, reggae and dub. Listen and make your own mind up about them: So True- The Black Seeds Cool Me Down- The Black Seeds Make a Move- The Black Seeds
  14. Wow. You know, I don't visit this site too often, but when I do it's always really exciting when I see you've posted something new in this section, Tim. I don't know much about poetry, but this piece has a real bold honesty about it. You are very talented!
  15. The kazoo is seriously awesome! There's this duo that busks on the main street here- one guy on the drums...and the other on the guitar and kazoo (or it might be the drummer on kazoo, i can't remember). But it's seriously great fun music and the kazoo totally makes it, I love it. As for me, I play the guitar...or at least attempt to. It's only been a few months since I bought a guitar, and I'm definitely no hendrix, but let me tell you, I can play a mean E minor chord!
  16. S2V! I was sooooo close to voting on time for this one...but had a few songs left to go on Saturday that I only just got to listen to now. Anyway I loved the list, and going with a better late than never mentality I thought I'd share with you my picks. 1. Broken Doll - Paloma Faith 2. I Found A Love - The Falcons 3. That Thing You Do - The Wonders 4. Be OK - Ingrid Michaelson 5. I Could Fall In Love - Selena 6. Bruises – Chairlift 7. Bubbly - Colbie Callat 8. I Wanna Be Adored - The Stone Roses 9. Summer Wages - Ian Tyson - this one instantly made me think of my grandad so I think I might have to recommend it to him. 10. Janta- Marcelo Camelo Boa música, S2V, Obrigado!!
  17. Viaene! I totally missed voting on your list by two or three (or four?) weeks, but I did listen and loved it and have a belated vote for you. 1. Ik wil je – Kreuners (how this didn't get votes, I just don't know- its so catchy!! - even if I might not have a clue what they're actually singing) 2. Free Haven - Ozark Henry 3. Mirror Mirror – Ghinzu 4. Your Shopping Lists Are Poetry – Mint 5. Suds ’n Soda - Deus 6. Icon – Daan 7. Kamer In Amsterdam - De Mens 8. Mad About You – Hooverphonic 9. High On A Wire - The Blackbox Revelation 10. Estupendo – Arsenal I think my favourite thing about this list was the fact that there were so many songs that weren't in English...and while listening to them ocassionally I would find myself singing along- just kinda inserting the closest semi-nonsensical English lyric without even realising it. It certainly made for some interesting listening!
  18. I'm going to be moving to Spain in September so lets hope so!! Anyway I promised you that I would vote, and finally I have been able to. 1. Effeuille-moi le coeur - Françoise Hardy 2. Chanson de l'Auvergnat - Brassens 3. Love me, please love me - Polnareff 4. Moscow Nights - Vladimir Troshin 5. Quel mal Y a t'il à ça? - Françoise Hardy 6. La Foule - Edith Piaf 7. Goodbye Cruel World - James Darren 8. What I Like About You - The Romantics 9. Mi alma lloró - Johnny Tedesco 10. Comment Te Dire Adieu - Françoise Hardy This list teamed with watching Amelie for the first time last week has made me either want to be French or at least learn how to speak French. Seeming as it seems a bit too late for me to become French- especially seeming as I'm not as sophisticated as seems necessary, I guess I'm gonna hafta learn French. But for now all I have is Spanish...y te doy gracias para la música fantastica! Estaba un placer de eschuchar =)
  19. Edna! Mi internet es muy lento ahora y mi vida loca y por esa razon voy a tardar en votar. Pero he empezado en escuchar y ya hay muchas canciones que me gustan. Con castellano, inglés, frances y portugues has hecho songfacts un lugar muy multilingüe esta semana! Espero que tengas un fin de semana muy buena! Cuando he escuchado todos votaré...tal vez en la semana que viene.
  20. Rosevel- The Triffids I am loving this song!
  21. Boy- a wonderful kiwi film, I just loved it. It was funny, full of old school nz nostalgia, the actors were spot on and it somehow managed to get the perfect balance between comedy and drama. 10/10
  22. Arrghhh that sucks! I take my OCD comment back anyway. I don't want to be OCD, I just wish certain people with OCD tendencies would chill a little. And by that I mean my new flatmate who left a two page note stuck to the fridge with calculations and detailed instructions on how we can split up the costs of cleaning products to the exact cent over a 3 month period. Is taking turns to buy stuff when it runs out really that difficult?! grrrrr :beady:
  23. Kiwis too, the other day I was talking about a goal but said 'try' instead
  24. Hehe cool that y'all had your say even though the list was already up!! And sucks about the Coshercot Honeys, bf, they split some time last year. So there's only one ep of Coshercot Honeys and then a few Brain Slaves songs (some of which are impossible to track down except for videos recorded on audience cellphones at gigs). Still great, fun band while they lasted!
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