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  1. I could go on for hours! Coldplay and Aqualung sounding like Radiohead and Travis. I do like Aqualung, though. The stalker in me and all
  2. ... and Nirvana pulled a riff from Killing Joke in an attempt to sound awesome. Hey, how about Silverchair looking like Nirvana and sounding like Pearl Jam?! Hahaha! Yeah! Or Bush, which also sounded a lot like Pearl Jam!
  3. Strangest sound-alike: "Send Me An Angel" by Real Life sounds a bit like The Scorpions. This is strange because one is a SynthPop band and the other is Hard Rock. Yet another coincidence is that The Scorpions also have a song called "Send Me Angel" that sounds nothing like Real Life's
  4. If we're talking counterfeit... and if y'all don't mind me mentioning famous groups, then I'd say Duran Duran wins some kind of prize for looking and sounding just like Japan. Coincidentally, Japan's frontman, David Sylvian, has a knack of sounding kind of like Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music, especially during Japan's last album, Tin Drum. How about Steve Augeri and Steve Perry, both lead singers of Journey?
  5. Wow. Just plain wow. Before I bought this album, I had vague recollections of Cerrone's music. In fact, I didn't even know those songs in my memory were by Cerrone. I re-discovered this world-renown Disco God through this album. Track listing is as follows: 1 Love in C Minor 2 Major Sea 3 C Minor Outro 4 Revelacion 5 Kongas Fun 6 1982 7 Supernature 8 Striptease 9 Phonic 10 Love Is the Answer 11 Interlude 12 Cerrone's Paradise 13 Assassinat 14 Standing in the Rain 15 Roller Coaster 16 Living on Love 17 Rocket in the Pocket 18 Look for Love vs. I Feel for You 19 Music of Life 20 Give Me Love 21 Supernature Some are small cuts and interludes. The thing about this is that the name CERRONE is most prominent on the cover with "by Bob Sinclar" written in smaller font. Listening to it, one would almost believe it was an album compiled by the man himself. It sort of is since this is a dj we're talking about and not someone who completely reworks other people's songs. With that said, it is probably the best introduction/re-introduction to the world of Disco. If you're open to the idea of listening to Disco, then I'd definitely suggest starting with track selections from this compilation. Stuff such as "Supernature" (VERY famous tune), "Cerrone's Paradise", and "Love Is The Answer would be highlights for n00bs. Beside going for some easy target/choice such as Giorgio Moroder or Bobby O, I'd say almost anything with the name "Cerrone" will give you the same satisfactory listening pleasure If you like this album, then I'd say venture forth and get some of the real albums by Cerrone. I have three of them in my collection and they're pretty schweet. As a footnote to this is the idea that France has a small, almost hidden market of sonic gems. Think about it. Not only is this dj an example of it, but there's also bands and artists like Patrick Juvet, Air, Daft Punk, Dimitri from Paris (another French dj), and... and F.R. David! Haaa I was sort of kidding about the last one... or was I...?
  6. I need to add Jewel, Alanis, and Shakira into this pile.
  7. There was that time when The Rolling Stones and Rod Steward thought they were Disco groups
  8. YOu NEED to get thee to the Sunday show. Have your boyfriend buy the Wednesday one, but definitely you have to get to the Sunday show even if you have to crawl on your chin on gravel!
  9. For those in SoCal, check out ticket vendors. The OC Pac Amphitheatre is having an online presale. If they ask you for a password, try: RISIS or GAME After the 20th, I think tix go on sale for the general public. I already got two front row seats for this gig - at 55 bucks! This is awersome!
  10. Journey is definitely not the same without Steve Perry. I don't mean to dis the new lead, but it's really not the same. The band mates say that "there was a Journey before Steve, so there can be a Journey after". Sure, if by before they mean all the 70s stuff they were cutting, which by to-day's short attention spans wouldn't get airplay. A gig of early Journey music wouldn't draw in as many fans who grew up on the songs Perry fronted. If anything, they shoulda gone a different route and chosen a singer that didn't sound so much like Steve Perry because now they really cannot escape the criticisms, even if unwarranted... even if Steve Augeri has the chops to front the band. That's too bad. I think all parties involved have the talent, but, as usual, the awareness that one has legendary status can affect one's decisions.
  11. Wow. I listed most of these songs without consulting this old post
  12. I think I responded to this thread before, but I'm gonna list some excellent covers. Pardon me, should I repeat myself... I'm old, so I tend to do that Here are some cover songs that I think are just as good as the original: - "Keep Me Hangin' On" by Kim Wilde - "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell - "Red, Red Wine" by UB40 (decent, not as great as the original) - "In A Manner Of Speaking" by Martin L. Gore - "Let's Spend The Night Together", "Sorrow", and "Wild Is The Wind" by David Bowie - "Fame" by Duran Duran - "Route 66" and "Moonlight Sonata" (yes, that "Moonlight Sonata") by Depeche Mode - "Only The Lonely" and "I Want You To Want Me" by Chris Isaak - "Jealous Guy", "The Midnight Hour", and "Eight Miles High" by Roxy Music Haaa I could go on listing!
  13. Kinda odd, now that I look at the artists that immediately came to mind as far getting that physical sensation whenever I hear their voice: Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry Death In June Chris Isaak Mazzy Star
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