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"Music is my weapon. I believe in music, in its spirituality, its exaltation, its ecsratic nobility, its humor, its power to penetrate to the basic fineness of every human being." -Henry Cowell, Stereo Review

"As poerty is the harmony of words, so music is that of notes." -John Dryden

"Take a music-bath once or twice a week for a few seasons, and you will find that it is to the soul what the water-bath is to the body." -Olviver Wendell Holmes

"[Of Music]. Thou speakest to me of things which in all my endless life I have not found and shall not find." -Jean Paul Richter

"Many men are melancholy by hearing music, but it is a pleasing melancholy that it causeth; and therefore to such as are discontent, in woe, fear, sorrow, or dejected, it is a most present remedy."-Robert Burton, The Anatomy Of Melancholy

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Are you tired of the reading the same old quotes in the Current Quote box?

Have you noticed any glaring errors in any of the quotes?

Are there any quotes you would like to see banished from the box for all of eternity?

This is where you can change the course of history. Suggest new quotes! Tell me that a quote attributed to one song is actually from another! (TimLizzy, I fixed the Doors quote.) Plead your case why you can't possibly see another quote by Katie Melua without going on a killing spree!

Let's revive the quote box and freshen it up for the new year, Songfactors.

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"Still is still moving to me

And I swim like a fish in the sea all the time

But if that's what it takes to be free I don't mind

Still is still moving to me."

"It's a Bloody Mary morning,

Baby left me without warning

Sometime in the night

So I'm flyin' down to Houston

Forgetting her's the nature of my flight."

~Willie Nelson (of course)

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"So with the slow graceful flow of age...

I went forth... with an age-old desire... to please...

on the edge of seventeen..." ~ Stevie Nicks

"brother is that your rifle there?

and do you know the man

in the middle of the crosshairs?

no I do not know my

enemy´s name

so much easier to kill

him that way

in my dreams

I will sleep like a baby..." ~ Roger Clyne

"I´m hell on wheels and women and horses

got me a string of lame nags and a few divorces

I keep my eyes peeled wide to see

the next future ex-Mrs. me...

if I´m a poor, poor devil

I´m a lucky, lucky dog

if I´m a low, low life I´m livin´ high on the hog

got me a jackrabbit grillin´ on a duraflame log

check out my ice chest chillin´ down my homebrewed grog..." ~ Roger Clyne

"So will I suffer

Or will I be alright

I look up into the stars,

Then look down to count my scars,

And I know mercy" ~ Roger Clyne

"Sunflowers and your face fascinate me" ~ Stevie Nicks

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