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I ain't never seen the end to no story

'Cause no story ever ends ~ Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers

As cliche as it may sound

I'd like to raise another round

And if your bottle's emtpy

Help yourself to mine ~ RCPM

Never thought I'd need someone to save me, now

I'll be free as soon as you enslave me ~ RCPM

I'm going away for a little while

To remember how to feel

And if I find the answer, I promise you

I'll come back and get you ~ Stevie Nicks

I'll follow you down

'til the sound of my voice will haunt you

You'll never get away

from the sound of the woman that loves you ~ Stevie Nicks

I was flying back from Lubbock,

I saw Jesus on the plane

Or maybe it was Elvis -

You know, they kind of look the same ~ Don Henley

The devil's not in the details, no

The devil's in my pants ~ Dog's Eye View

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"There's a hole in my head where the rain comes in,

You took my body and played to win,

Ha Ha woman it's a crying shame,

But you ain't got no one else to blame"

- Evil Woman, ELO

"You slide so good

With bones so fair

You've got the universe

Reclining in your hair.

Just like a car

You're pleasing to behold

I'll call you Jaguar

If I may be so bold"

- Jeepster, T-Rex

"Rebel Rebel, you've torn your dress

Rebel Rebel, your face is a mess

Rebel Rebel, how could they know?

Hot tramp, I love you so!"

- Rebel Rebel, David Bowie

"Thinking how it used to be, Does she still remember times like these?

To think of us again......and I do"

- Tangerine, Led Zeppelin

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I want one moment in time

When I'm more than I thought I could be

When all of my dreams

Are a heart beat away

And the answers are all up to me

One Moment In Time ~ Whitney Houston

Now she's gone, our world has changed.

Watchin a blue sky, thinkin of rain.

Blue Spanish Sky ~ Chris Isaak

Turning all the night time into the day

And after all the violence and double talk

There’s just a song in the trouble and the strife

Walk Of Life ~ Dire Straits

Let me sleep for awhile and dream of avalon and the beltane fires

And a silent kiss steals away into the mist and out to the lake

Deliverance ~ The Mission UK

They would in languid cry a fleeting furtive sigh

From the cradle to the grave live to desire and crave

Stay With Me ~ The Mission UK

I like cal and his dog napalm

I like ike and his itty-bitty a-bomb

Doctor Jeep ~ Sisters Of Mercy

I had a face on the mirror

I had a hand on the gun

I had a place in the sun and a

Ticket to syria

Neverland ~ Sisters Of Mercy

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On the floors of tokyo

Or down in london town to go, go

With the record selection

With the mirror reflection

Dancing With Myself ~ Billy Idol

Send me your warning siren

As if I could ever hide

Last time la luna,

I light my torch and wave it for the...

New Moon On Monday ~ Duran Duran

Stick or twist,

The choice is yours,

Hit or miss,

What’s mine is yours

Confide In Me ~ Kylie Minogue

One thousand and one yellow daffodils

Begin to dance in front of you - oh dear

I'm Going Slightly Mad ~ Queen

He told me:

Let the children lose it

Let the children use it

Let all the children boogie

Starman ~ David Bowie

Fairies wear boots and you gotta believe me

Yeah I saw it, I saw it, I tell you no lies

Fairies Wear Boots ~ Black Sabbath

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"And so castles made of sand fall into the sea, eventually."

-Jimi Hendrix

"And everything under the sun is in tune but the sun is eclipsed by the moon."

-Pink Floyd

"Mother Earth is pregnant for the third time

for y'all have knocked her up"


and while it's not music related, here's a funny quote from our president

"I don't think someone like Osama Bin Laden can appreciate the joy of Chanakuh."

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Who is this man?

Where is he from?

Exciter comes for everyone.

You'll never see him

but you will taste the fire upon your tongue.

-Judas Priest

What's the ugliest

Part of your body?

Some say your nose

Some say your toes

But I think it's your mind

-Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention

You saw their clothes, and then you cried,


-Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention

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