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  1. Round 2 Fight 1 Lucky -1 PUNCH Uncle "Sugar Jay" Joe -1 Fight 2 S2V -2 MarcM -3 PUNCH Fight 3 Laurie -3 PUNCH Floydaholic -4 Fight 4 Sammy -6 PUNCH (Got to get revenge. I'm sorry) Shawna -6 Fight 5 TheTallOne -6 Mindcrime -6 Fight 6 11(11)johnny -9 PUNCH 12(11)Rayzor -9 Fight 7 13(13)c_s_1987 -10 PUNCH 14(13)Canam -10
  2. Not guitar, but: "Cocaine"- Eric Clapton "Sunshine of Your Love"- Cream "Mary Jane's Last Dance"- Tom Petty "Dani California"- RHCP
  3. It's an American thing. He's Chris Hanse with Dateline NBC. He does stories about adults talking online to children to meet for sex. It's an elaborate set up and one of my favorite shows, "To Catch A Predator. "If you Youtube it you'll see what I'm talking about.
  4. Too cheezy. El dorko Tonio el tigre
  5. Horse With No Name- America On the first part of the journey I was looking at all the life There were plants and birds and rocks and things There was sand and hills and rain The first thing I met was a fly with a buzz And the sky with no clouds After three days in the desert fun I was looking at a river bed And the story it told of a river that flowed Made me sad to think it was dead You see I've been through the desert on a horse with no name It felt good to be out of the rain In the desert you can't remember your name 'Cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain La, la,
  6. I knew I never should have gotten mixed up with that type.
  7. • America – Simon & Garfunkle • • Alabama - Sweet Home Alabama -- Lynyrd Skynyrd • Alaska – North to Alaska – Johnny Horton • Arizona--Arizona--Mark Lindsay • Arkansas • California – California Blue – Roy Orbison • Colorado • Connecticut • Delaware • District of Columbia • Florida • Georgia – Georgia On My Mind – Ray Charles • Hawaii • Idaho - Idaho – Frankie Valli & The 4 Seasons • Illinois • Indiana--Indiana Wants Me--R. Dean Taylor • Iowa • Kansas – Kansas City – The Beatles • Kentucky--Kentucky Woman--Ne
  8. Heal: Tom Petty Hurt: The Beatles Smite (O' Mighty Smiter): The Rolling Stones
  9. Fight 1 Floydaholic Super Ry 71- Punch Fight 2 Laurie-Punch Rayzor Fight 3 c_s_1987-Punch Lucky Fight 4 S2V Canam-Punch Fight 5 Uncle "Sugar Jay" Joe Phil-Punch Fight 6 Sammy Shawna-Punch Fight 7 MarcM johnny-Punch Fight 8 TheTallOne Mindcrime Had to flip a coin for some
  10. False. I don't remember crappy 80's one hit wonders. Speaking of which, Rick Astley needs to come back a revive today's music.
  11. I think the funniest stand up I have ever seen it Dave Chappelle's "Killin' Them Softly." If you like Eddie Murphy's "Delirious" or Chris Rock's "Bigger and Blacker" then you will love this. Most people only know him for Chappelle's Show but there are more quotable lines in this hour long routine than in almost all seasons of Chappelle's Show. I have watched and listend to it (iPod) 15 times, and it has not gotten old. It is truly one of the best out there.
  12. I just don't want to be known as "that kid who doesn't know who the Beatles are." These internet rumors spread like wildfire.
  13. Top 10 Bad haircut comments: 10. Weed Whacker Accident? 9. You know, shaved heads are 'in' right now. 8. Does your barber always smoke rocks? 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.
  14. Heal: Who? Hypothetical nail in the coffin: King Crimson
  15. 1 - Floydaholic 2 - Super Ry 71 3 - Laurie 4 - Rayzor 5 - c_s_1987 6 - Lucky 7 - S2V 8 - Canam 9 - Uncle "Sugar Jay" Joe 10 - Phil 11 - Sammy 12 - Shawna 13 - MarcM 14 - 15 - TheTallOne 16 - Mindcrime Taking number 15, aka Mr. Dustin Pedroia of the Boston Red Sox.
  16. No that was not me. I was however the one who needed to know who sang and what was the name of "Have You Ever Seen The Rain." You must keep in mind, however, I have only been exposed to real music for about 4 years.
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