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I found something about Fantasy -- Earth, Wind & Fire :

- released November 1977 on All 'N All

- the single went to #32 USA, and # 14 in the UK

- written by Maurice White, Eduardo del Barrio, Verdine Adams White

- covered by Black Box in 1990 and Paul Shaffer & the Party Boys of Rock 'n' Roll in 1993

it's not much...

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"From out of Nowhere"

Faith No More

December 1988

It´s the first Faith No More's single featuring Mike Patton on vocals. The band has been quoted saying about the video "We didn't know what we were doing."

The song was also in the game Madden NFL 2005

The music video was purposely tongue-in-cheek. It seems to be a subtle parody of hair metal bands at the time.

(from wikipedia)

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"Mexican Radio"

Wall of Voodoo

"Mexican Radio" is a song written and performed by the band Wall of Voodoo, and produced by Richard Mazda. The track was initially made commercially available on their 1982 album Call of the West.

The song gained notoriety (and is best remembered) for its line sung and written by lead vocalist Stan Ridgway , "I wish I was in Tijuana / eating barbecued iguana." A video on MTV in 1982-83 helped as well.

Wall of Voodoo vocalist Stan Ridgway and guitarist Marc Moreland traced the inspiration for the song to listening to high-wattage unregulated AM border-blaster Mexican radio stations (among them XERF, XEG, and XERB) which, starting circa the 1930's, were received practically around the globe ("I turn the switch and check the number / I leave it on when in bed I slumber"). Some of the stations boasted a million watts, which was considerably higher than allowed in the US.

Sitting just south of the Rio Grande ("I feel a hot wind on my shoulder / I dial it in from south of the border"), these stations avoided American broadcast and trade regulations, and became the medium of favor for countless quacks spouting political rants ("I dial it in and tune the station / They talk about the U.S. inflation"), selling homemade pharmaceuticals pre-FDA ("... I buy the product and never use it"), self-published manifestos, and may have even been the starting point for the televangelist as we know it ("I understand just a little / no comprende - it's a riddle"). Wolfman Jack started his career in that market ("I hear the talking of the dj / Can't understand, just what does he say?"), spinning a schizophrenic mix of genres.

Wall of Voodoo vocalist Stan Ridgway co-wrote with Moreland to finish the song, and added all the verse's lyrics to Moreland's enigmatic chourus and guitar lick, as well as the catchy "mariachi" harmonica melody in the song's middle breakdown.

Also from wikipedia.

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"Maggot Brain"



According to legend, George Clinton, out of his mind on LSD, told Eddie Hazel to play the first half of the song like his mother had just died, and still other version say that he told Hazel to play the second half as if he had found out she was alive. The result was the 10-minute guitar solo for which Hazel is most fondly remembered by many music critics and fans. Though several other musicians began the track playing, Clinton soon realized the power of Hazel's solo and faded them out so that the focus would be on Hazel's guitar. The entire track was recorded in one take.

This song has very few lyrics, spoken only at the beginning of the song before Hazel's solo takes off. The concept of "Maggot Brain" is, however, very important in understanding P Funk mythology. The original source of the song is commonly thought to have been inspired by the grief and confusion of George Clinton, after having discovered his older brother's body (after a lethal drug overdose) when decomposition had already set in. On another level, "maggot brain" could refer to Eddie Hazel's drug-riddled brain. In the grand scheme of things, Maggot Brain is a mode of being, thinking and existing, in which one transcends the troubles of Earthly existence by revelling in the freedom of funk. The brief spoken word introduction to the song tells us that "Mother Earth is pregnant for the third time, for y'all have knocked her up. I have tasted the maggots in the mind of the universe - I was not offended, for I knew I had to rise above it all, or drown in my own sh*t."

Wikipedia again...

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A few facts for

"Man in black"

Jonnhy Cash ...fom wikipedia.

In 1971, Cash wrote the song "Man in Black" to help explain his dress code: "I wear the black for the poor and the beaten down, / Livin' in the hopeless, hungry side of town, / I wear it for the prisoner who has long paid for his crime, / But is there because he's a victim of the times."

He and his band had initially worn black shirts because that was the only matching color they had among their various outfits. He wore other colors on stage early in his career, but he claimed to like wearing black both on and off stage. He stated that, political reasons aside, he simply liked black as his on-stage color.

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"Fort Worth Blues"

Guy Clark

From his album "Cold Dog Soup", 1999. A cover of Steve Earle´s song he wrote as an elegy for their late friend, songwriter Townes Van Zandt. Backing vocals by Emmylou Harris.

I know, it´s very little. Couldn´t find more info.

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"More than this"

Roxy Music

Composed by Bryan Ferry. Released in their album "Avalon" in 1982.

It was released as a single with "India" as side B. It reached the charts in

Britain (#6), Australia (#6) and most European countries. Although a chart failure in the US, the song was popular on the college radio circuit. It is unusual for a pop song in that Ferry's vocal ends at 2.45 minutes, leaving the last 1.45 minutes as a synth-driven instrumental. It has since become regarded as a classic Roxy Music song; in Sofia Coppola's 2003 film Lost in Translation, actor Bill Murray sings "More Than This" in a Tokyo karaoke bar.
(from wikipedia)

Performers: Bryan Ferry (vocals & keyboards), Andy Mackay(saxophone) and Phil Manzanera (guitar); plus: Neil Hubbard (guitar), Jimmy Maelen (percussion), Andy Newmark (drums), Alan Spenner (bass) and Fonzi Thornton (vocals).

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"What are you running from?

Taking pills to get along,

Creating walls to call your own

So no one catches you drifting off and

Doing all the things that... we all do"

All Those Yesterdays ~ Pearl Jam

"Daddy didn't give attention

To the fact that mommy didn't care,

King Jeremy the Wicked

Ruled his world"

Jeremy ~ Pearl Jam

"Are you woman enough to be my man?"

Hail Hail ~ Pearl Jam

"She seems to be stronger

But what they want her to be is weak

She could just pretend,

She could join the game,

She could be another clone"

Why Go ~ Pearl Jam

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A little bit for Tattva:

From the liner notes off Kollected

Tattva The simultaneous, inconceivable, oneness and separatedness of the Supreme Absolute Truth.

apart from that:

Tattva was Kula Shaker's debut single off their album 'K'. The album was released in October 2006 and became the fastest selling debut album since Oasis' Definitely Maybe.

And where would we be without Wikipedia?

Tattva is a Sanskrit word meaning 'thatness', 'principle', 'reality' or 'truth'.[1] According to various Indian schools of philosophy, a tattva is an element or aspect of reality conceived as an aspect of deity. Although the number of tattvas varies depending on the philosopical school, together they are thought to form the basis of all our experience.
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I Shall Not Walk Alone ~ Ben Harper

Fort Worth Blues ~ Guy Clark

The Metal ~ Tenacious D

Long Distance Winner ~ Stevie Nicks

'Til I Gain Control Again ~ Rodney Crowell

Never Thought ~ Roger Clyne

Sleep Like a Baby ~ Roger Clyne

Bloody Mary Morning ~ Willie Nelson

Still is Still Moving to Me ~ Willie Nelson

West Texas Moon ~ Roger Clyne

Slice of Heaven ~ Dave Dobbyns

The Worst Hangover Ever ~ The Offspring

Maggot Brain ~ Funkadelic

Man in Black ~ Johnny Cash

Blue Spanish Sky ~ Chris Isaak

Jeepster - T-Rex

More Than This ~ Roxy Music

Loco to Stay Sane ~ Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers

Don't Let Me Get Me ~ Pink

Life's an Elevator ~ T-Rex

Gone Fishing ~ Chris Rea

Telegram Sam ~ T-Rex

Bad Liver and a Broken Heart ~ Tom Waits

I Can't Stop Dancing ~ Archie Bell & the Drells

Hold On ~ Triumph

Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes ~ Jimmy Buffett

Fantasy ~ Earth, Wind & Fire

One Particular Harbor ~ Jimmy Buffett

From Out of Nowhere ~ Faith No More

Mexican Radio ~ Wall of Voodoo

Better Beautiful Than Perfect ~ Roger Clyne

Rotterdam ~ The Beautiful South

She's Only Happy In the Sun ~Ben Harper

Tattva ~ Kula Shaker

The Message ~ Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five

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" And the hangovers hurt more than they used to do

And cornbread and ice tea's took the place of pills and ninety proof

And it seems like none of us do things quite like we used to do

But nobody wants to get high on the town

And all my rowdy friends have settled down "

Hank Williams Jr.

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"You lock the door and throw away the key,

there´s someone in my head but it´s not me"

Brain Damage - Pink Floyd

"If I go insane please don´t put your wires in my brain"

If - Pink Floyd

"Doesn't mean that much to me to mean that much to you"

Old Man - Neil Young

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" And the hangovers hurt more than they used to do

And cornbread and ice tea's took the place of pills and ninety proof

And it seems like none of us do things quite like we used to do

But nobody wants to get high on the town

And all my rowdy friends have settled down "

Hank Williams Jr.


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