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Ok kids. While Farin & I get the Groundbreakers results put together for the blog, how about we get moving on a new topic? Since he and I don't have a clue (as usual) we're asking y'all.

I know concept albums is a popular suggestion, and I think we should do it, but maybe not for this one? I just fear ending up with the same albums too many times. I thought maybe something different, not relying so heavily on albums? Individual songs? Movie's are hot at Christmastime, maybe Movie Themes? I know the new Bond theme is being discussed right now.

I kind of like Shawna's idea of worst albums/songs. Phrase it like the worst efforts of the best bands?

Those are just a couple of my thoughts, what are yours? :P

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Actually I was thinking about just Movie Themes, not a soundtrack. It just seems that

1) songs are a bit easier, and faster than albums to do (and we are all busier than normal right now)

2) after doing a topic as thought provoking as the last it's kind of nice to do something that takes a bit less effort. Unless some of you want homework again?? ;)

Anyway, I'm always up for a Holiday theme. I'm a sap. What Shawna is suggesting is best original song. A year ago we did this

The best use of a song (either original, or traditional) in a Holiday themed Special. That can include TV Specials, Theatrically Released Movies, Holiday Concerts, or a variation of any of those.

So, Shawna's suggestion is slightly different, and usable IMO.

I think the worst songs/albums thing would just be fun, and again maybe a bit less work. Does all this make sense, and what are your thoughts?

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