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Songfactors' Choice: Suggestion Box


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have we decided to throw out all the suggestions up til this most current one? I'm a little confused... there have been a lot of good ones... are those still up for ante?

of course we're not throwing them out :) we're just trying to decide what suggestion to use, that's why it could always be a good idea to repeat some suggestions that we haven't used yet :)

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This doesn't have to be so limited. The entire idea of this forum has been broadened, to include all music related subjects. We can do songs, books, people, games, and album art as well. Music related is the idea here, that's all. Let's discuss over the weekend, and try to have a final resolution by Monday? Sound ok? We had kind of settled on one, but y'all have suddenly come to life. :thumbsup:

I've got a list around here somewhere ... hang on, I'll dig it up. ;)

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Here is the list I had going into December, minus the ones we've done since, plus the newest ones here not previously mentioned:

1. Frontmen/women

2. Worst of the Best Artists (songs or albums)

3. Best album by genre/sub-genre: Doowop, Blues, Americana, Punk, New Wave, Prog, Hair Band, Seminal Shoegaze ;)

4. Movie Themes

5. TV themes

6. Collaborations

7. Concept albums

8. Solo albums

9. Departure (different) Albums/albums outside an artists norm

10. Instrumentals

11. Debut Singles

12. Album Art

13. Best Album by decade

14. Artist's who've died young/early in career

15. Duets

16. Auto/biographies (books)

17. Rockumentaries

Maybe everyone could pick a definate 2 or 3 they like, and we'll try to go with a general concencus?

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and a couple more I rememberd
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