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from the comments:

Perhaps everyone should post their own "Top 10". Then all the titles could be listed and a vote by the members to determine the "Official" Songfacts Top 5,10, or 20, etc. 'Greatest Live Albums Of All Time'.


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I love the acoustic idea! :guitar:

Greatest Hits compilations? I'm just saying things as they come to me

Thank you, that was the point!!

Thanks ladies, for the comments in the blog. You gotta love it when Radhi gets tough. ;)

The greatest live album ever recorded was Little fat's Waiting For Columbus. The fact it's not on your list does two things: 1) It immediately robs your list of credibility; 2) it indicates that you're probably so young as to think that ANT Nirvana recording can TOUCH anything Lowell George did with Feat.

This was one of my nominations! I tried my darndest to give the list some "credibility". Where was this guy? ;):P

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