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Songfactors' Choice: Suggestion Box


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Personally I still like frontmen (or ladies). Not for great vocals, or great guitar playing or anything like that. Those individual talents along with the ability to work the audience. There are some great ones, from all eras and genres.

Y'all keep throwing out ideas and talking them up, and the team will compile them again and make a choice from what we get, how about that? So, we need ideas, and opinions.

Laurie, I'm liking your idea as well. :)

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That is a good idea Laurie. Also I would like to vote for the best non-English speaking artists, though Sigur Rós have no challengers for my #1 spot at the moment. We could also generalise that theme and vote for the best artists outside England and USA. :)

1) Laurie, good idea, though we will have a hard time choosing between Janis, Otis, Lennon or The Doors...

2) I´d love to have a non-English Speaking Top, of course :cool: but then we would all have to vote for artists mainly unknown for the majority...

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No, it's not necessarily albums, or artists per say. Actually it's for any music related subject. It can be books, films, whatever. That doesn't exclude songs from the picture either, we did songs back in December, I think.

It could be almost anything, it's up to you all, and us to decide. We just need a subject that is going to encourage a wide range of participation. If you have more ideas, let us have them. Speaking of which ... we're mulling things over for this next one. :P;)

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Has anyone suggested artists that we've lost way too soon?...Joplin, Hendrix, Morrison, Buddy Holly, etc......Although that would be too hard because they were all great.... :P

And I still have dibs on Lennon. Ok :D I mean I really like Lennon :D I'd take George as well :D

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Okay, you got it Lea!....I guess I'll take the other Beatle.... :)

The other Beatle aka Mr. Harrison was pretty darn cool to and to be honest I personally think he was the most interesting Beatle. Very down to earth and laid back. Just my kind of guy. And, he was kinda cute. I like George. I would consider maybe trading you a John for a George.:D

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Ok, y'all we are like a month (slight exaggeration) late opening a new topic. Elvy, Martin and I are stumped, so here are the suggestions (if I didn't cover one, or left something out tell us). Please, from this list pick one idea each, to help us decide on one. Keep in mind the participation factor, our topic needs to be wide enough to cover all tastes and age ranges. Ok? Thanks! ;)

1. Songs:

a. Covers (best, worst, etc)

b. Acoustic

c. Collaberations

d. Best songs by decade

2. Albums

a. Compilations

b. Best album by decade

c. Best album by artist (Beatles, Stones, etc)

d. Best non-rock album (we could combine genres for this)

3. Subject (stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else)

a. Autobiographies/Biographies OR Music books that are not auto/bio graphies

b. Artists gone before their time

c. Best opening lines

d. Best artists of 20th century (or some time frame)

e. films (could include rockumentaries and/or musicals)

Lots of great ideas here, could it be that we are just a bit wishy washy when it comes to decisions? :D

I just remembered:

f. Great Frontmen :doh: I said that, as did Shannon.

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forgot my own idea
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At this moment I won't argue. I'm feeling a bit wishy washy. Music books are fine, I wasn't trying to narrow it down too much, I was just ... overwhelmed.

You do notice that wishy washy as we seem to be, I have at least made a wishy washy effort towards a decision here. :shades:


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