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I was asking because some times musicals that have been adapted from the stage have new songs written for them-i e-I Move On was written expressly for the film Chicago, but most of the other songs came from the stage musical.

I guess that's a little too technical. I like the idea of splitting the category.

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Concept albums? :P

One hit wonders? :P

Albums in another language? :P :P

Solo albums? (like Mick Jagger´s, Bryan Ferry´s, etc... ) :P :P

Rare albums? "Different" albums? :stars:

Posthumous albums? (after the band split...) :P

Worst albums? :shades:

Last albums?

Underrated albums?

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I gotta tell you that ^^ is one of my favorite ideas, for those same reasons. Front"persons" , using not just their talent as criteria but their charisma, and the ability to grab and hold the audience.

Dap, I like the best debut single idea too. It's a very wide open topic. That's a great idea! :)

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