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Songfactors' Choice: Suggestion Box

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I love the acoustic idea! :guitar:

Greatest Hits compilations? I'm just saying things as they come to me

Thank you, that was the point!!

Okay peeps, I think there is a decision here. Martin & I had already sort of moved toward Frontpersons, and it seems to be a poplular choice. But, concept albums appears to be just as popular, so .....

The next Songfactors' Music of Choice topic is going to be .... *drumroll*

Concept Albums

to be followed closely by frontpersons and then ... we'll see. ;)

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So kids ..... unless someone has got a magnificent idea they've been holing onto ... we're going to go with Best Frontperson for our next topic.

I'll probably open it a bit later today, so speak up now if you've got something .....

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