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Songfactors' Choice: Suggestion Box


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I took it from the Top tens... it' s not my idea... :shades:

But it would be funny to list some Top Ten albums for each decade... and we could have a topic for some 5 months or so... :grin:

A few things could be done in groups. For instance Best Guitarist, keyboardist, drummer, vocalist. Those could be done in separate sets but decided by order before hand. Maybe list them alphabetically. Genre's could be done the same way as well.

1st round/best drummer, 2nd round/ best guitarist etc. Do the same with the other chosen groups.

It would give people advance warning of what was coming next. Kind of like the decades. You would only have to decide which group you wanted to do.

Just a thought ;) I hope all that makes sense.

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Sorry, it's been a while getting the new topic up and going guys ... We've held off a bit because of the Special TT's, and the film/tv specials, because we just didn't want to overwhelm y'all with voting, plus we don't want to burn you out on this stuff. But, I guess it's time to start figuring this next one out, and getting on it.

I get the idea that this Decades idea is a popular one. :shades: I do wonder about it coming so closely on the heels of the singles special we've just done, but that isn't a huge objection by any means. Comments and/or other suggestions? Hmmmmmmm? ;)

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If we haven't already done these yet, I always liked the idea of the band artists who broke out and became solo artists and were successful.

I also like the idea of the band artists who broke out and became solo artist... and tanked. :grin:

Let's get a little mud-slingin' going! Yeehaw!

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do you really want to do the decade ones, just after we finished the Special Top Tens with that theme?

I don't say we won't do it, I just want to make sure :)

also, remember that this wouldn't just include 60s-80s but other decades as well ;)

for the genre specific ones, which genres would you think should be considered?

(I'm not saying we will do that, just working with the ideas ;) )

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That would be cool... but limited, yes... :P

I like Shawna' s idea... I wonder who I might nominate...

:cool: Like Elvis Costello or Diana Ross, for instance?

I still love the decades idea because, for me -maybe for some others?- the LPs were real symbols... you could tell about people just by their LPs at home. They talk about times. And yes, I know there' s also albums in the 90s or 2000... :) I even have some :grin:

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