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I had some excitment while in the hospital.

So, one day last week i'm in the hospital falling asleep around 11 pm and I'm laying away from the door at the far end of a 2 patient room which is next to the stairwell in an isolated part of the 7th floor. My roommate is a blind guy in for stomach problems. I hear rustling and minor commotion over on his side then I catch a glimpse of a huge hand reaching over my movable table toward a small dresser trying to snag my backpack full of my clothes and knocking my crutches to the floor. I wake up and sit up scaring the man out of the room !

I buzz the nurse and tell her to call security because someone was trying to steal my belongings. It takes me a minute to grab my crutches, unplug my machine and push the i v pole toward the door. Once in the hallway, i hold a crutch like a baseball bat waiting for the guy to double back toward the stairwell. He never showed, but security called and wanted a description. I told them he was tall like Snoop Dogg but without the braids and wearing a sweatshirt. They call back and say they caught him, I say I want to prosecute and to bring me a wheelchair so i can identify him. They wheel me down to the lobby, I identify him, he hangs his head when he sees me. A nurse comes down and says she sees him in another room on the floor. I wait an hour for the police to show up then i went back to my room to wait another hour before they finally show. He gets arrested for treaspassing and I feel good getting someone off the streets even for a little while.

Was he another patient or a visitor? My mom works for hospice here and she told me yesterday that some one went into a patients room while the patient and her daughter were sleeping and stole the daughters purse, along with her car keys and car.

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