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I should have been a painter as I was supposed to be. I would be living in a 33th floor with cats and turpentine surrounding me. And I would smoke and do other stuff.

But I'm a housewife working 7 hours a day instead...

You are painting pictures with your words...I can imagine you as a painter...or, dare I say, an artist!

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so my Intro to Psych class started Wednesday. We have to select a disorder by the 23rd to write our term paper about.

I approached the instructor and said, "I'd like to do my term paper on the differences between the way men and women think."

She said, "That's not a disorder."

"It's not?"


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Hubby had to interview a new employee today, and the guys name was Steve Miller...sooooo hubby says to him "I liked your Fly Like An Eagle album, but you haven't done much since then, have ya?".... :doh: :jester:

My son has a prof. at school named Steve Miller, they call him "the Space Cowboy". I always thought that was funny.

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