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I probably won't be able to log on tomorrow, so I am going to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow American songfactors today. Here in the Northeast, it will be cold and rainy, but I will try to enjoy my wonderful family and later on in the weekend, some wonderful friends!

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On a side note...I dont know if I like the new "look" of the site yet.....I am sure I will get used to it, but I thought it was good the old way...god, I am turning into my parents!

What exactly do you mean? I can barely make out any changes, in design or otherwise...

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We're still a little unclear on how much more we have to upgrade, so there might be more maintenance going on. A cranky installer script and the Thanksgiving week threw this off a little.

And speaking of Thanksgiving, I hope it is wonderful for all of you in America, where we will do lots of eating and watching football. Here's the famous Thanksgiving song:


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