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why not come to the Arizona shoreline? :grin:

The results of my certification test that I took in July came today:

"Congratulations - you have passed the examination for certified electronic court transcriber." I'm official.

:grin: :happybanana: :grin: :happybanana: :grin: :happybanana: :grin: :happybanana: :grin: :happybanana: :grin:



It'd be totally awersome if you were to transcribe our latest court case - although most plead guilty, pay the restitution, and don't even make it to court :beatnik:

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My little sweetie was so excited today. She was just chattering away with people at the bus stop. Three girls she already knows in her school aren't in her class, but at least she gets to ride the bus with two of them and she is VERY unlike me...she is outgoing and will make friends with anybody, so I am not worried for her.

It is so weird to be home all by myself. I should be cruising jobhunting sites right now....

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Hey folks, I know I haven't been around (posting like I usually do) But,since I was certified my hours have changed :( I work every weekend in surgical ICU :( which is a big change for me since I worked the mental ward for 10 years and I mean that in a nice way)So now I work 3... 12 hour shifts from Friday till Sunday and my other 4 hours are teaching students about drugs :laughing: I mean nursing students,therapists (who should already know)but, I'll still post(or try too)

And our server just changed (at work) So,now I can only read,not reply :(

Look,I miss you guys and I'll always try to at least do the weekly top ten (even though my songs don't ever make it)I just put on Songfactors weekly picks...do house work,do a little farming and gardening...

Sorry about the long post but I also had to give flu shots this morning

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flu shots...be careful
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