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Ekk this scares me :ooo:

Because I find it O% creepy :P

If it breathes, I'll damn well mother it. I just can't help it. I think I seriously scare young people sometimes but I mean no harm and I don't think I'm a weirdo :( I just worry. It's the mommy in me :puppyeyes:

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But I don't have much of what you'd call bosom's :laughing:

But I do love the youngin's and try to mother them waay to much :crazy:

I know, I really need to stop doing that :(

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10P on the other hand, is really,really good at it :D
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My husband likes to read Men's Health magazine and every month there's some shirtless, cut hunk on the cover. This month it's one of those kids from the Twilight movies. It's on the dresser and positioned so I am staring right at this dude when I'm getting dressed. I told him I feel like a cougar for drooling over this kid every morning!

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