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Bluesy, I love your avatar... :grin:

August 25th, 1944.

Thanks to the American Forces, Paris is liberated.

At 1900 local time, General Charles de Gaulle - leader of the Free French who has been living in exile in London since the Fall of France in 1940 - entered the city.


"The Partisan" - Leonard Cohen

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I'm certified,I'm now an assistant pharmacologist (or something like that) I got a little tissue sort of paper which I blew my nose on and was going to throw in the trash :laughing: but instead just put it in my pocket.And thank you everybody for the good lucks and stuff (I needed it)

And I turned down there little benefit thing because they had a list of songs that couldn't be played :/ If I was being paid,I might have agreed but not when it's free. Now, they're going to get some funky country band (and I'll have to work)

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Matt, we are in the same line of work .... drugs. :D I've been a pharmacy tech for many years (same field, different job). You are a step above me though I'd bet. Congrats, I know how hard you had to study for that! And oh well on the gig .... they don't know what they've missed out on. :P

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why not come to the Arizona shoreline? :grin:

The results of my certification test that I took in July came today:

"Congratulations - you have passed the examination for certified electronic court transcriber." I'm official.

:grin: :happybanana: :grin: :happybanana: :grin: :happybanana: :grin: :happybanana: :grin: :happybanana: :grin:

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