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So I don't believe I've given anyone here a baby update lately.

My girlfriend is currently 9 months pregnant. She's getting big. Baby should be due anytime within the next few weeks. Actual due date is November 13th, but as everyone knows, he's gonna come whenever he feels like it. We've got birthing classes tomorrow from 9-5. Then, we've got a few last minute things to finish up and then we'll be ready for him to come on out. Things are going pretty well and my girlfriend and I are both very very excited.

I will most certainly let everyone know when he comes along, and I will also post pictures!

Looking forward to reading that post, Ben!

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Whatever you do, dont tell your gf she is getting big. She may be OK with hearing it 4 times, but on the 5th time, she will get pissed, or cry, or try to take your head off. Never forget you are with a person who is under the influence of ever changing hormone levels! Good luck and congratulations!

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I think a major announcement:

Two Hundred million years ago today, the continent of Pangea started to break apart.

Heard this on the Discovery channel.

(Actually, in the program, they did not include the word "today" which I inserted above. But we all know that in geological time, a day, a century, a couple thousand years .... meh.)

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