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I just realized that I have over 16,000 posts. My original registration date was November 27, 2003. I remember the date because it was exactly one week after the Peachlette was born. I was looking for meaningful baby songs for a CD I was making for her. Here is a breakdown of my incredibly meaningful and soul searching posts over the years. (The image is not clear but it looks great when you click on the picture and the fancy lightbox does its thing.)


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The guy that shot the police chief, was trying to steal a freaking car that was under repair in one of the shops close by. I guess Chief Painter got in a struggle with him and the guy got his gun and shot him.

These are very small communities around here and this is having a huge impact on both my mothers and my towns. My mother knew him because she lives there. This is all so sad :puppyeyes: :puppyeyes: :puppyeyes:

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