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Spammers are stupid people. Do they honestly think they are the first to try it here because there is no spam here?!?!? Duh!!! Maybe there is no spam here because it's not tolerated here and gets on our last nerve!!!

Maybe we should make a spacial thread just for idiot spammers so our mods can just enjoy the site and not have to keep banning the morons ;)

It takes time away from their fun times ya know :(

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I remember the 8th... that's when I heard about it. On the evening news, or maybe it was a special report. I remember exactly where I was and how I heard, weird.

In another announcement, Songfacts has a sister site! Have a read: Songplaces.com ~ Ballroom Blitz

I post this particular song, because it's my favorite of what I've read so far. It made me laugh. :grin:

Carl thought he had announced it here a while back, but I don't remember seeing a post, so I thought I'd give it a nudge in case I'm not alone.

It's sort of in its infancy right now, but so was Songfacts when I first signed up. Now we've got thousands upon thousands of songs. So if you all know any info about the places mentioned in songs, or places where songs were written that have special significance, send 'em in! Let's get this thing growing like a weed! :) :) :)

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Seven years ago today, at 3:54 am, my life changed forever when my sweet angel came into the world!

She is getting a Nintendo DS for her birthday, and ice cream cake (her favorite) tonight. Until then it's cupcakes at school and cookies with her girl scout troop...thank God it's Friday, 'cause this kid's going to be on a high all night!

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