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:drummer: :drummer: :drummer: :drummer: :drummer: :drummer: :drummer: :drummer: :drummer: :drummer:


The new Songplaces Facebook Page!!!

Under construction, but it will be AWESOME. I plan on having quizzes and scavenger hunts and most of all a whole lot of really great articles to tell people about!

[smallest]Now, if only I could figure out how to make it all fancy and stuff.[/smallest]

But meanwhile, go and "like" the page! I need at last 25 "likes" so I can get a page "name." I don't even know what that means, I but I think I need one!!! Get to clicking!!!

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Hi Songfacts! I know I haven't been around too much except for to post my views on the music of 2011 (which has been freaking fantastic the last couple months, by the way. Listen to Fleet Foxes and My Morning Jacket if you are a fan of music at all, which you are, because you're here.), but I'd like everybody to know I'm having the best summer of my life.

Love as always,


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