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Whatcha Watchin On TV Now?


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Hopefully Saskia, the big bully!! :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:

Now I am watching Johnny Vegas - 18 stones of idiot! I cannot believe cr*p like this is actually screened on TV and this self-proclaimed idiot is paid to do what he does! I am in shock!

He is filthy and he just got an audience member to punch him in the face :doh: Last week he had his showgirls break beer bottles over his head while he sang and he did his entire show with his head and face covered in blood. Ugh - he is disgusting!!!

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Am I the only one watching the mini series, Into the West? It is directed in part by Simon Wincer! As any fan of great westerns will know, Simon Wincer also directed the series Lonsome Dove! Of course, Steven Speilberg's name has more marketing value, and all you hear about is how 'Into the West is produced by Steven Speilberg'.

From IMDB.com:

An epic tale of two figures during the American colonization of the west, one white and the other Native American. Jacob Wheeler leaves his dull life behind to strike out west, while Loved By the Buffalo faces his destiny to try to fight a prophecy that his people will be wiped out by the settlers. Jacob marries Loved By the Buffalo's sister Thunder Heart Woman, uniting the two families while around them relations between the two races crumble.

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Monk is hilarious! I remember one specific episode where he went into a hotel room and the lady said how clean it looked and he turned off the lights and got his UV light out and it showed up millions of wierd stains and secretions all over the place and he was totally freaked out!

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