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Whatcha Watchin On TV Now?

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Don't watch it, really. It is so sad, babies dying, cruel school masters, jeering children. Those poor little boys, my heart aches for them. And here I sit and complain because I am tired after a long day at work in my warm home, belly full and clean clothes :(

Very depressing movie, but I haven't read the book so I hope it ends somewhat happy :)

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I'm watching "Mega Machines" on History cannel. It is just amazing to me the technology, capability and money world nation's spend on these monsterous machines. Some are a need, but others hhmmmmmmmmmm doesn't look like much of a need. Some of these technical advances look more like a pissing contest. As we've seen over the past 2 weeks in our own disaster torn country the billions of dollars needed to restore lives should have been directed towards prevention. Stop spending money on bigger and better and use it to work on fixing what is coming. Has history taught us nothing.

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It's a great show angel.....it's so cute to see this big guy with all these little tots...one show was hilarious when he was trying to teach them to scream like a rocker....very interesting show, you gotta see it!

It was quite funny seeing Gene Simmons and this bunch of kids who had no idea who he was or how big KISS are...and when the principal says "All I know of Mr Simmons is that he is a pop singer", I nearly wet myself :laughing:

But yeah, it is a good show so far. I like Emperor, and I'm glad his confidence is growing. I hate mean kids! :mad:

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Just got done watching the newest episode of Breaking Bonaduce.

What a psycho. That man is a loose cannon and a serious head case. The alcohol, prescription painkillers, steroids... scarey sh*t. In the episode I just watched he had a total breakdown because his wife and some friends had a little party and her friends hired strippers. After he threatened bodily harm to just about anybody even remotely involved with the show or his wife's party... she told him she wanted a divorce.

His reaction? He cut his wrists and ended up in a psych ward.

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