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Whatcha Watchin On TV Now?


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Ditto, except that I love the American "Office". Of course, I've never seen the British version. I greatly prefer British humour, so much that I even spelled it the right way; I should probably stay away from the original version until the American one is cancelled. Like the greatest show in history just was.

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It's Friday, so "Challengers of Fire," a Japanese game show is unspooling on the VCR. Two rather smarmy-looking-trash-talking hosts introduce up to six segments where ordinary folk try to complete a task for ¥1,000,000/$10K before the clock runs out. A continuing piece features an electrically live-wire course where an explosives-loaded rod must be guided by a goggled/ear-plugged challenger in 30-60 seconds. A set of "pinwheels," twisty sections, and five plungers form the "easy part."

In a "only-in-Japan" segment, kids up to four years old have to buy three items from a shopping arcade in 10 minutes, after getting coached by their mother for a minute. The kids may come back to mom once during their search-recognize-buy hunt.

A "power eater" must eat 19 courses/Sushi on a moving conveyer to get to the #20 cash dish. Killers have been: a hard boiled egg, ice frappe with a scoop if ice cream, a banana, and the relentless speed of the Sushi conveyer track. To make things very difficult, the contestant has only a single mug of tea to wash down varying kinds of salty/slimy/tart/bitter/sweet foods.

Got a friend who throws easy pitches? If you can hit a single pitch out of the ball park, you collect big time--if your pitcher can hack the pressure.

Got a year-old rug rat? Put him/her in the spotlight and try to encourage the kid to come to you over a 15 metre course filled with toys, TVs, mirrors, obstacles, and a whole line of possible mothers next to you! There are other contests, but these stand out as most memorable.

There was one "generation gap" contest that pitted 50-year-old mothers against modern gadgets. The twist is that the adult chidren try to guide mom through mundane tasks like: play a video disk, play a minidisk, record a message on an answering machine, use a copier to make a set number of copies, use a computer, etc. :laughing:

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I'm watching "Tsnuami: Seven hours on boxing day".

A director at work and his family were there on holiday at the time of the Tsunami in Sri Lanka, they escaped from their hotel and fled deeper into the jungle on top of a mountain in hopes of being seen. They described how they later went back to the hotel to recover what luggage they could find to get home and the scene that met them. At the time I remember thinking how awful it must have been for them, and obviously the news coverage was extensive, but only now are they showing the true events as they unfolded and the horrific aftermath pictures. The people that lost their lives, the families devastated, and everything so graphically.

Now I wish Gary (our ex-director) was still in the UK (he's moved to Malta), so I could tell him how sorry I am for what happened to him, and what he went through, and offered some kind of help or support when he was at work. The pictures going through his head must have been horrific. I really am not surprised he didn't sleep for months and found even a small leak in his house daunting.

We should all remember to keep giving to these charities who continue to provide assistance...I know I am.

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