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Whatcha Watchin On TV Now?

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I am currently watching the Orange Bowl and just got through listening to the most horrifying singing I have ever heard. Ciara performed at halftime and all I can say is why? Why do they insist on torturing us with these performers who can't sing worth a damn. Is anyone out there listening? We just want a good ole rock and roll band with a kick ass guitar solo in the middle. Not some teeny bopper who looks good in a tube top and can do the 1,2 step.

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some teeny bopper who looks good in a tube top

Darn Mags! I didn't even watch the halftime show (I never do). But I'm all for bringing back the tube-top. Did she appear to be hiding teddy bears?

Seriously, the teams played rather poorly but evenly enough to keep the game interesting. Had I known I'd be up past midnight I'd never have begun watching. I'm a Penn State alum so I was happy with the outcome.

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