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Whatcha Watchin On TV Now?


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I switched the TV off because there was absolutely nothing I fancied watching, that was two hours ago, and I was going to get to bed shortly after. That obviously hasn't happened :grin:

If I could be watching anything, I'd be watching the next episode of Invasion!

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BBC America's two "auction shows" via VHS tape:

"Cash in the Attic"

(I need x£ to remodel the house/travel/special event/special buy.) Alistair Appleton introduces the people, and Paul Hayes or Jonty Herndon ransack the house for saleables where dramatic music and running totals have a "Lifestyles of Gentry" feeling.

"Bargain Hunt"

David Dickinson has £200 each for a Red and Blue team of challengers who bet they can find enough saleable rubbish (er, collectibles) to make a profit at a local auction in two weeks time. Assisted/hindered by an expert, the two person team seek out That Which Interests Them. Once the swag is paid for, DD and the site auctioneer marvel/ridicule the purchases. The auction follows, and usually ends with a small/large/tremendous loss or, very rarely, a profit, which the Reds or Blues keep.

(Now we know what BBC does with those TV licensing fees?) :coolio:

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The Discovery Channel's "Mythbusters":

"The shredded airplane fuselage"

"Quest for fire; making fire without using a match."

The previous segment concerned driving and flying:

Will assuming the hunched over "crash position" literally save your neck?

Is using a cel phone while driving as dangerous as driving drunk/under the influence?

(Yes on both counts.) :coolio:

Why am I watching TV? "Software updates" and a dialup connection=long waits for double digit downloads. :(

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