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Whatcha Watchin On TV Now?


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Marc, Elvy and I may come looking for you!

I would like to see Chicago win. Cards vs White Sox, now that has a nice ring to it!

I have flipped between 3 football games and 2 baseball games today. Strange behaviour for me!

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I just watched the Angels lose to Chicago. I hope the World Serious is Chicago and Houston, since the Astros have never been to the series. I hope Houston wins it all.

I dont know Marc. I would have loved to see Red Sox in the series again...but then i saw them get CREAMED...maybe even emberassed! by the White Sox...14-2...OUCH!

So, i think the white sox have a big chance. But the Astros are the underdog, so i hope that they do get a chance.

ANYWAYZ....i just watched Air America on TBS...now is Galaxy Quest(i dont care what people say, i love Galaxy Quest!)

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Yeah ive been watchin Tenacious D. When are they gonna put these out on a DVD? Its killin me! And when are we gonna find out more about there next AWESOME AMAZING Project?

Mama Peaches....any info??

My sweet Paul, ask and ye shall receive. Here is info on "Tenacious D: The Complete Masterworks" which includes a concert and all 8 of the HBO shorts from the outstanding "Mr. Show". Be warned, there is some highly vulgar stuff included. Don't let Grandma watch it with you.

Here is some info on the upcoming feature film "Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny", and here is the official site for the movie.

And just to keep your D fix going, here is the band's site and here is the allmusic entry on "The Greatest Band on Earth".

Any other questions? :rockon:

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Dirty, dirty b*stards...the best show in the history of television can't get viewers, but "The O.C." and "The War At Home" stay on.

Bad news for 'Arrested'

Net sweeps out 'Kitchen,' 'Development'


'Arrested Development'

"Arrested Development" may have finally played its last get out of jail free card.

Fox has cut back its episode order on one of TV's most critically praised shows to just 13 segs, down from 22. SkeinSkein, from 20th Century Fox TV and creator Mitch Hurwitz, has also been pulled from the schedule for the rest of the month, another sign that the network may have finally given up on trying to bring an audience to the show.

News was nearly as grim for "Arrested's" Monday night companion, the Darren StarDarren Star-produced "Kitchen Confidential." It's also been pulled for sweeps, and producers have been told the show won't be getting a full-season pickup.

On the positive tip, ABC has given a full-season pickup to Warner Bros. TV-produced frosh laffer "Freddie." Skein has consistently built on its adults 18-49 lead-in since bowing last month.

As for "Arrested," skein returned from a month's hiatus this week, while "Kitchen""Kitchen" was slated to return Monday. Despite tough competition from a high-rated "Monday Night Football" matchup, "Arrested" performed about as well as it had been in the timeslot before baseball. Ratings for "Prison Break," however, took a notable dip, which is what likely prompted worried Fox execs to reverse their previous plan to keep "Arrested" on the air through year's end.

Instead of the two laffers, Fox will air repeats of drama "Prison Break" in the 8-9 p.m. Monday slot for the rest of the sweep.

"Arrested" and "Kitchen" will return to the skedsked Dec. 5. Come January, net is expected to stick with its original plan of moving "House" into the Monday-at-8 slot.

Fox wasn't commenting Thursday, and for now, nobody's using the word "cancellation." But in the case of "Arrested," the handwriting appears to be on the wall.

"Arrested" is in the middle of its third season. Skein has never produced a full season of 22 episodes, with Fox cutting the order for the show every season it's aired.

Date in print: Fri., Nov. 11, 2005, Los Angeles

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I'm going to suggest (to no one in particular) that NBC buys is, and puts it on Tuesday nights, with "Scrubs", "My Name Is Earl" and "The Office".

I realize that 5 million viewers is paltry in comparison to "CSI"'s 25 million, but it's still 5 million freaking people. Ron Howard and Brian Grazer need to start flexing their collective Hollywood muscle.

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