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  1. Or you could have the foresight to know you're going to go through airport security and take all your heavy metal vomit image stuff off before you go. Moron.
  2. I have always said I love her voice. I just can't stand what she sings. She married Batman? Batman's first name is Jordan? Whoa. Learn something new every day.
  3. These are older than the genre you're looking for, but I like them: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas ~ Judy Garland Santa Baby ~ Marilyn Monroe's version Baby It's Cold Outside ~ Dean Martin's version Run Run Rupolph ~ Chuck Berry
  4. How come there are no musical notes graemlins? We have every smiley you could want, but no half notes, quarter notes, etc. I think they would come in handy when posting lyrics.
  5. I don't know that it sucks. I personally don't like it. It's the negative energy. Music is about energy. I never really got into the whole death and destruction, kill kill kill stuff. I enjoy Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper. Maiden does cover the death issue, but not in a 'I want to kill everybody' way. More of a sadness about the death and destruction in the world. The Coop covers death a lot, but he's got a campiness about his stuff that makes it very tongue in cheek, you know? It's 9/10ths image anyway, these bands. A million tattoos and swinging their hair around and playing as fast as they can. I doubt they live their lives constantly growling at everyone. Generation probably has quite a bit to do with it, as well. Younger people are saddled with boundless energy, but haven't lived long enough to know where to channel it. To them, it's a release of pent up aggression and anger. Trouble is, they aren't sure what they're angry about, so these death/thrash bands give them a direction to feed that energy. In Sue's case, I'll take a guess that this is something Sue listened to a lot more in her younger days, so naturally, she still likes it. It's like any music you listen to when you're in your teens. It's what you develop your musical tastes from, so naturally, you're always going to like that stuff from your formative years. Sue's musical tastes have changed from her teens, but that base is still there. The foundation of your musical tastes are always going to be there. Of course, I could be wrong. Sue may have just discovered Slipknot yesterday, I don't know. I can't imagine myself, being 41, just now discovering thrash/death metal and saying "yea, I like that", because it doesn't groove with what I already have in my mind what constitues good music.
  6. Dork. How do you say dork?
  7. Heck, I whistled the Rug Rats theme for three years!!!
  8. I've always been partial to the slapstick-style pranks. My older cousin would come home drunk, and I'd tape the doorway with clear, 2" wide packing tape. Maybe a dozen strips in all directions. He'd walk through the doorway, right through the tape, and it would stick all over hims face, arms, etc. It was especially great if he did it in the dark. LOL. Down at Talladega, here are a few: I rolled my cooler into my Pop's room, and pulled the drain plug, giggling madly as the wet spot on his carpet grew. One in front of his chair, the length of his bed, in front of his sink. Still giggling, know my Pop always walks around in his socks. Set his alarm for 3:30am. Call the front desk from his room, posing as him, telling them to ring his room every hour on the hour from 2:30am until 6:30am, because "I'm on a special medication I need to take every hour." Go into my cousin's room and take every lightbulb, put clear tape on the spout of his sink, so when he turns the water on, it sprays him. Take the batteries from his remote. Un plug the TV. Unscrew the cable wire. In my Uncle's room, point the shower head so it drowns him as soom as he turns it on, hopefully fully clothed. Load up all the doorknobs with vaseline. A handful of salt in his sugar container for his coffee. Bend the vent on the fan in the bathroon so it clangs really loudly when he turns it on. Odds and ends: Big cup of water, under the sheets, only to be found at bedtime. Pantsing one of my cousins in the airport. Water balloons, any time. Calling the front office and complaining about the noise next store, causing my cousin to think it was this old couple on the other side of his room. Re-enacting Jack Lemmon's Felix Unger scene in the diner, where he clears his sinuses. Honking very loudly in a public place. Crushing an entire box of cheezits and sprinkling them under the covers, and in the pillow case. My coup de gras, though, is the battery powered travel alarm, set for 3:45am, slid all the way under the bed, so the only was to get to it is to remove the mattress and boxspring. It beeps, and does not stop.
  9. You know, I borrowed this from a friend at work and burned myself a copy (yea,so sue me), and I have to say. It is flat out brutal. S&G are ok in small doses, but a couple hours straight, and I was ready to head to the mall and open fire. Not good.
  10. Wow. I didn't relize I knew (and liked) so many punk bands. The Pretenders? The Police? Punk? Really? I think my definition of what punk music is may be a lot more narrow in scope than everyone else's. What exactly are the parameters of what is considered punk music, anyway?
  11. Barber and Martin are perfect examples of the evolution of RB. Both have almost as many recieving yards as rushing. Westbrook, Holmes, Portis, McAllister, heck, more than I can think of right offhand. Catching the football is just part of a RB's job. Ok, now....linebackers. RJ will probably shoot me, but LT was overrated. Did he revolutionize the position? Yes. However, he took a lot of plays off. I would watch him basically mill around on some plays. It would drive me nuts how everyone would call him the greatest ever, when he didn't play every down. And all those sacks? Yea, I'd have a lot of sacks, too, if I got to get a ten yard running start, untouched. Great pass rushing speed is even more impressive when you've got a DE occupying two offensive lineman. And as far as Butkus goes, his reputation was made at the bottom of the pile. LOLOL
  12. So, it's the Wiggles now? When mine were 2-3 or so, it was Little Bear, Blues Clues, etc. If you had told me I'd know every character on Rug Rats, and actually had favorite ones, I'd have laughed.
  13. The greatest thing about Payton was he never took a lick. When he finished a run, he put his shoulder down and finished the run. Always gave a shot. As far as Tomlinson goes, he's probably the best in the game today. I'd give him the nod over Alexander simply because he has a better center of gravity. You don't see him bounce off many guys. His head doesn't move, and he drives through people. A lot tougher to bring down than Alexander. The running back position has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. The back that just runs the ball is rare. The position has evolved now to where they all have near 2,000+ total yards, because they all catch the ball out of the backfield, as well as run with it. I think you can pinpoint the eveolution of the RB to Marshall Faulk. He redefined a running back's duties.
  14. Yea, I always though Jim Brown was sort of overrated. Don't get me wrong, he was impressive, with pure, brute stregth, and could drag piles and whatnot, but there are a lot of guys who could do that. Earl Campbell pops right to mind. John Riggins. Christian Okoye. I think probably the most overrated RB of all time was Emmitt Smith. Sure, he got all the yards, but he also benefitted from one hell of a line, for a lot of years. He never outran anyone, though. He could be caught from behind his entire career. And he rarely made people miss, you know? He'd get by that first guy, but if he didn't juke the next guy with his first move, he was done. As far as Csonka goes, he was one mean guy. He could drag a pile, too. LOL.
  15. Ok, here's a question, since all the women in here go on about shoes and the like, we can use this thread for sports talk. This is a subject that has been debated where I work forever, and I'd like to get some others' opinions. Who, do you think, is the best running back of all time? My standard answer is: Barry Sanders is the best I ever saw. He ran side to side with more efficiency that anyone I've ever seen, and when the hole showed up, (it was never where it was supposed to be, he always had to go looking for it) his initial first step was so quick, he was always by the first guy before he (the would-be tackler) could even register that Sanders had changed direction. That being said, the best I've ever seen on film, is easily Gale Sayers. My God, that guy could juke guys five yards behind him and make them jump out of their shoes. He was just a bit before my time, though.
  16. You know, he's not making any stupid mistakes. (well, 4 picks on Sunday, but hey, Favre does that every other weekend) He'll be one of the top 5 in 2-3 more years, as long as he keeps his head on straight. You have to give the Giants credit for going out and getting Burress for him. Toomer is servicable, but they needed a big time reciever for Manning, you know? And Barber is a gigantic safety net. All the ingredients are there for him to succeed.
  17. Look, don't start any crap with me. I'll tell Katie. You'll be sorry then.
  18. No, what goes around comes around. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if the bird that gets Ozzy is a relative of the bird Ozzy got back in 81. It's a known fact birds carry a grudge forever. Carrier pigeons, right?
  19. linkinparklinkinparklinkinpark
  20. It's Linsday Buckingham. Just like Shawna's Rico Suave guy. That's who I think of when I see it, so that's who it is. LOL.
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