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  1. Ok, I've got another one for you. Anybody happen to catch tonight's episode of CSI: New York? I'm looking for the title/artist to the song playing at the very end of the show. Something like "it's the way I have fallen in love with you" Jess
  2. Hey Guys, Sorry for not responding until now. The week has been hectic and I had forgotten to check back for responses. My apologies. Ok, I can't remember which station I heard the song on. I want to say the country station... But then again, my cousins had switched stations a few times too. I'd say this song was from the 80s or 90s some time. It was a sort of slow song... something along the lines of "Cats In The Cradle" I guess, as far as how slow it was. When it first came on the radio, I just remember thinking that the opening music sounded familiar (I knew I'd heard the song before), and then when the verse kicked in I thought: "Oh, someone made a remake of this song?". I know it's nothing to go on. I wish I could remember some of the lyrics. That would make it a lot easier. But thank you all for your posts so far!!
  3. Hi Folks, I heard a song on the radio a couple of nights ago. I'm sure it's a cover of some other song... but I can't place what song it is - I can't even think of the melody or any lyrics right now. But it was a male singer... Do you guys know of any of the latest cover songs out there right now?
  4. Thanks Mate! I appreciate it. Yeah, looks like this one's gonna be a tough one. I tried searching for it on a couple of sites (including Google) prior to asking here in the forum... But couldn't find it. So, I figured I'd let the experts have a go at it.
  5. Fairly close, mate. It was a little more pop-y sounding. I can't recall now, but I think it was slightly upbeat (which would mean it had a light drum in it). And the singer's voice wasn't exactly deep.
  6. Hey! A belated Merry Christmas to you all! I just heard a song at the end of TV Soap 'Guiding Light'. It was a female singing.. and here's some of the lyrics I could make out: sometimes there are no words but there's a universal language of love spoken here, spoken out everything is all right let the music play on an angel's heart Anyone know a title or artist?
  7. Hey Gruff, I listened to that one. That's not the song... This one's more R & B I guess you would say... whereas the one I'm looking for is a little more on the pop/rock side. Thanks for trying though!
  8. Hey MarcM, Thanks. This is a cool song. But it's not the one I'm looking for.
  9. Hey Laurie, That's not the song. But thank you!
  10. Hello People, Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving... I just heard a song on TV. It was one of those Nick @ Nite commercials about family's sitting around the table for dinner and all of that. The song was sort of slow...a light rock type I would say. Male singer. Some the lyrics were... something along the lines of "time...need to set some time aside for you...." and "home is where I want to be.." Any idea what this song could be?
  11. Thanks Sebas. I'll check into this one. But I'm pretty sure it was a female vocalist singing this song.
  12. Thank you all so much for your suggestions! I'm still looking into them; seeing which ones I like! I'll keep checking back in case you folks have more suggestions!! Thank you again! And Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
  13. Hiya, I'm interested in finding some slow, mellow songs that are either perfect for falling asleep to and/or good for a rainy night. This is what I have so far: Syndey Forest - Once In A Blue Moon Lauren Hoffman - Broken Lauren Hoffman - Fall Away Switchfoot - You Pete Yorn - Lose You Azure Ray - November Portishead & Massive Attack - Teardrop If you folks have any recommendations, please send 'em my way.
  14. Hiya Janet! Thanks for the suggestion. That wasn't the song I'm looking for. But it's a nice one!
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