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Best Drummers Ever


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Being a huge WHO fan I have to say Keith Moon. I was fortunate to see him play with the Who back in 1975 and he was great!

John Bonham is another great drummer and he would go into my top three.

Of all the posts prior to mine in this thread, what really surprises me is that no one mentioned probably the best drummer of them all prior to Keith Moon. That man is Ginger Baker!! Cream is one of the greatest groups ever. Just the talent of Jack Bruce, Eric Clapton, and Baker together is something we will probably never see again in a band. They surely rival the top groups ever when it comes to talent.


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I cannot believe nobody has mentioned Billy Cobham yet! The man is a dead-set legend on the drums!

My other favourites hands down are Rob Hirst from Midnight Oil and Keith Moon from the Who.

Oh yeah, and the inspiration for nearly every drummer born after 1970 - ANIMAL FROM THE ELECTRIC MAYHEM!


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1. Ginger Baker of Cream. (inspiration for the

Muppets "Animal")

Actually according to Electric Mayhem.net Keith Moon was the inspiration for Animal. Look at the way both Keith and Animal hold their drum sticks and attack the drums - it's frighteningly similar.

I also successfully proved the point in a video presentation at uni last year using the sequence of "Can You Picture That" from the Muppet Movie and "Young Man's Blues" from the Who's performance at the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival. See for yourself.

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you guys are all dumba***s, i mean all those guys suck **** at drums! if you wanna hear good drums listen to richard christy, john longstreth, derek roddy, or pete sandoval. there are alot more but man these guys shred the competition. man the best drummers are in death metal by far! and if you dislike metal or anything, thats cool, but you cant deny the fact that these guys are better drummers. if you want to hear the truth download any song from the album sound of preserverance by the band death. :: :rockon: :rockon:

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I can't really say I know much about drummers, but I would say Neal Peart is one of the best. I think I spelled his name wrong. Also, you guys should check out Pierre Van Der Linden from Focus. He did some really great drumwork with that band. He's a jazz drummer now, but I haven't heard any of his stuff. I guess I haven't seen enough of Ginger Baker to know, but I don't understand what is so great about him. I have only heard Strange Brew (The album) by Cream, and he was good, but not impressive. If I'm not mistaken the drummer from ELO, Bev something, sang and drummed simultaneously. He wasn't an awesome drummer, but the singing was impressive. It's pretty difficult to do that.

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Ringo Starr was voted by his peers (other drummers) as the best drummer (behind Buddy Rich) in a poll some time ago. This was post-Beatlemania. It was based on his ability to drum in a variety of styles. I agree with this. Most of the drummers listed above can do long, boring solos (not Ringo's speciality), or just thrash around track after track. Listen to The Beatles' records and compare the drumming on the following:

"Roll Over Beethoven"

"Ticket To Ride"

"I'm Down"


"Tomorrow Never Knows"

"Strawberry Fields Forever"

"A Day In The Life"


"Mother Nature's Son"

"Helter Skelter"

"Yer Blues"

"Get Back"

...I think you get my drift. One magazine {"Q"} stated that Ringo "invented pop drummers".

So....Give him some credit....VOTE FOR RINGO!!!

Also, I was a huge fan of John Bonham. I remember Bev Bevan (from ELO, also a pretty good drummer himself), talking about what makes a good drummer. He said it is someone who is not afraid NOT to drum; i.e. it is OK to have gaps in songs where there is no drumming, where the drummer actually exercises some retraint. The comment was in reference to the drumming styles of Bonham and Ringo.


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your crazy, bonham will never be remembered as a drummmer. he complements but doesnt explore. danny carey is the most influential and complementary drummer that explores to an infinite expense. listen to tool and it will all come together.

I beg to differ. Listen to the song Moby Dick on 'How The West was won' It Will Blow Your Mind!!!!

#1.John Bonham

#2.Keith Moon

#3.Mitch Mitchell(I find him very Underrated)

#4.Nick Mason

#5.Neil Peart

#6.Alex Van Halen

:coolio: :rockon:

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