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Best Drummers Ever


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...an untalented drummer in a good band (ie ringo starr)....

You know nothing. How anyone can described Ringo as "untalented" is beyond me. OK, wasn't (isn't) a great songwriter like the other three and he's not the world's greatest singer. But he is a bloody GREAT drummer.

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You know nothing. How anyone can described Ringo as "untalented" is beyond me. OK, wasn't (isn't) a great songwriter like the other three and he's not the world's greatest singer. But he is a bloody GREAT drummer.


Hmmm. I have replied before but I have a different opinion now. so.....

Ginger Baker

Neil Peart

John Bonham

Alex Van Halen

Keith Moon

Phil Rudd-Maybe some will disagree but when he left AC/DC, they had their Downfall....He rejoined and the whole band woke back up.

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CarsAndKites: I know who Meg White is. I was making a joke. I guess some wiseass remarks just don't convey well over the Internet. Actually, that's one of the few new bands I like. Jimi Hendrix perfected the technique of playing rhythm and lead guitar at the same time. I like the way this White Stripes dude plays rhythm, lead AND BASS guitar at the same time. It's a very unique style. It depends on how well he can continue to write good music that will form my true opinion of him. But for now, they seem pretty cool. I liked them when they were on "Letterman" for that week stretch last year. And I love "Seven Nation Army". Later.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :afro: :afro:

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A most solid and overlooked drummer was Mick Avory of the Kinks. Listen to those recordings from 1964-1966. He was solid as a rock.

Other old favorites were Brian Keenan, the drummer for the Chambers Brothers and Carmine Appice of Vanilla Fudge along with the great Dino Danelli of The Rascals. Also, John Badanjek of Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels was the first rock drummer to make me take notice..and he had a huge drum kit for 1966.

Today, Travis Barker of Blink is inventive, smart and technically supreme.

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I agree with pretty much everyone here. Yes there will always be a controversy about this topic, and there isn't a right answer. Just favourites. Anywho...3 of my favs are:

Travis Barker - Blink 182

Dave Grohl - Nirvana

Adam Carson - AFI

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In the beginning there was ....



Website - Buddy Rich

When it came to technique, speed, power, and the ability to put together incredible drum solos, Buddy Rich lived up to the billing of "the world's greatest drummer." Although

some other drummers were more innovative, in reality none were in his league even during the early days. A genius, Buddy Rich started playing drums in vaudeville as "Traps, the Drum Wonder" when he was only 18 months old; he was completely self-taught. Rich performed in vaudeville throughout his childhood and developed into a decent singer and a fine tap dancer. But drumming was his purpose in life, and by 1938 he had discovered jazz and was playing with Joe Marsala's combo. Rich was soon propelling Bunny Berigan's orchestra, he spent most of 1939 with Artie Shaw (at a time when the clarinetist had the most popular band in swing), and then from 1939-1945 (except for a stint in the military) he was making history with Tommy Dorsey. During this era it became obvious that Buddy Rich was the king of drummers, easily dethroning his friend Gene Krupa. Rich had a bop-ish band during 1945-1947 that did not catch on, toured with Jazz at the Philharmonic, recorded with a countless number of all-stars in the 1950s for Verve (including Charlie Parker, Lester Young, Art Tatum, and Lionel Hampton), and worked with Les Brown, Charlie Ventura, Tommy Dorsey (1954-1955), and Harry James (off and on during 1953-1966). A heart attack in 1959 only slowed him down briefly and, although he contemplated becoming a full-time vocalist, Rich never gave up the drums.

In 1966, Buddy Rich beat the odds and put together a successful big band that would be his main outlet for his final 20 years. His heart began giving him trouble starting in 1983, but Rich never gave his music less than 100 percent and was still pushing himself at the end. A perfectionist who expected the same from his sidemen (some of whom he treated cruelly), Buddy Rich is definitively documented in Mel Tormé's book Traps the Drum Wonder. His incredible playing can be viewed on several readily available videotapes, although surprisingly few of his later big band albums have been made available yet on CD

~Buddy Rich died April 2, 1987??

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No, sorry Sammy. He wasn't laughing at anyone. It was just meant to represent me laughing because I think its funny that people think Phil Collins is a good/great drummer. Give me a drum kit and I could do better than Phil anyday - and I've never touched a drum kit in my life!

I think all the really good drummers have been listed and now, when we get to Phil Collins, I feel we're just scraping the barrell a bit. The thing is, if people LIKE him as a drummer, that's fine. I have no problem with that, because it's all a matter of taste what people like. But when he is mentioned as a "great drummer", I struggle.



i registered for this songfacts thing for the sole purpose of letting you know that you are completely and utterly ignorant about drumming and great drummers to say that phil collins is terrible and that you could play better than him with "a kick drum". yes, his solo career in the 80's was lame, but have you ever heard of genesis from the 70's?! that was phil! and he also had a side project called brand x where he showed off his amazing skills even more. anyone who knows anything about drumming knows that phil collins is one of the best modern drummers in the world. i'll probably never login to songfacts again, but at least i set you straight. - the doktor

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