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  1. Here is an amateur cover of Bob Dylan's Buckets of Rain. Take a listen, this amateur does an amazing job........ Buckets Of Rain cover
  2. I was just wondering if any of you sat through the whole season of The Event on NBC. Thanks to that newfangled notion they call DVR, if I was not home to watch it, I did the following day. Anyway, the finale a couple of weeks ago left too many things unanswered as well as begged for a second season. NBC, down on it's ratings (of course those ratings sank....CBS had Two and a Half Men and Mike and Molly, ABC had Dancing With the Stars in the same time slot) in it's infinite wisdom never gave the show a chance. It even prempted it for a couple of months in the middle of the season. The show in my opinion was the best new action drama this past season. There is a chance the SYFY channel could pick it up as a mini-series and if it does well it may have a second season. Anyone with thoughts about this show?
  3. Check out Sasha Mullins "Two Wheels Move the Soul". She is a biker chick who plays some great rock. I really believe you are going to like this one. Here is a link to the song...... http://motoroadeommc.bandcamp.com/track/2-wheels-move-the-soul-single-2
  4. With all due respect to the different opinions regarding how music changed, I would go even further back to as early as the late twenties and early thirties. The term "rock and roll" itself can be found in a song from the mid thirties called Get Rhythm In Your Feet and Music In Your Soul" by a Henry "Red" Allen. Rock and Roll is a melding of the Blues and Rockabilly, both existent from the thirties on and then it flashed into something greater in the fifties. I would say Rock and Roll's origins definitely come out of the south. In the fifties guys like Presley, Holly and Berry brought it to the next level. Initially I would say the Rolling Stones and The Who's music was somewhat deeper than the Beatles while the Beatles were still playing for the bubblegum set. When the Beatles morphed into greater musical geniuses then they already were, that was a significant change in how we listened to rock. The question is besides the usuals we have heard in the past like Fats Domino, Holly and Berry who influenced in the Beatles as youngsters, who influenced them further when they left bubblegum tunes for a more diverse and eclectic offering.
  5. There was another show ABC had put on the air this year which I thought was pretty good. Flash Forward was another show of riddles which began to unfold as the show went on. It also had Lost alumni Sonya Walger (Penny Widmore) and Dominic Monaghan (Charlie Pace) on this show. ABC cancelled it near the end of the season. With the cancellation the writers had to put an ending together. This caused the pace of the show to speed up to it's final episode leaving out what I could only imagine would have been more thought provoking and leaving it's fans wondering what is next and wanting more. I liked the show.
  6. The girl has been good for quite some time now. Take a look at her when she was 13 years old. Crystal Bowersox at age 13
  7. After Tuesday night's performances I thought Mamasox may have stolen it right back from Lee. I felt her 3 performances were the strongest with her third, Up To The Mountain being perfect. Lee kind of lost a notch though his performances were good also. I bet my wife a dinner that Crystal came back and will win while she stuck with Lee after having a strange allegiance to Aaron early in the season. I am really not surprised that I lost the bet. Crystal should still have a career of some kind now that she has created the fan base on the show. My only critique for her is she should lay off the screaming so much. After a while the songs feel redundant. As for Lee, I will take a listen to his first album when it comes out. I am really not sure how popular he will be but I am sure he will fair better than Stoddard or Hicks have. Also, is it me or did Lee and Crystal sound good together in their few duets?
  8. For weeks I have been saying Crystal will be this year's American Idol while thinking Lee would be a close second. Last night my thoughts changed on that matter. When the final twelve were chosen I thought there were better choices than Lee. Every week this guy has just gotten better and better. Simple Man was brilliant as well as his arrangement of Hallelujah. I think it is now Crystal that needs to catch up if she still wants to win this thing.
  9. Last night Lee DeWyze showed he can win this whole thing. In the last 4 or 5 weeks he has been simply brilliant. His rendition of That's Life was perfect and believable. I have to believe MamaSox may be shaking a little in her boots. While I believe she will prevail I will not be the least bit surprised if Lee wins the whole thing. Either way, I am looking forward to his first album.
  10. Lizard....that was damaging to the emotions, wasn't it? I thought there would be some last minute hope but alas, it was not to happen. The director shot the definitive scene brilliantly. After the sinking, Jack was in the hospital and Jin walked by him carrying flowers. He is still alive in the altered world.
  11. The Ventures are also known for doing the Hawaii 5-0 theme song. (For those of us old enough to remember that show.)
  12. I have always felt the best song for the Father/Daughter dance at a wedding would be Daddy's Little Girl. Sung by a few, I would say Al Martino's version is the best.
  13. I was wondering how much further Andrew (no voice) Garcia would go. He totally destroyed Hound Dog. I think Elvis did a flip in the grave after that awful rendition. I believe his stay was only lengthened by his homies. As for Katie, she has a good voice and I can see her going places. It is kind of hard to figure out what kind of genre would fit her best but I have to believe it is not pop. I could see her as a country singer or standards singer. She was superb two weeks ago when she sang Let It Be. I am still a believer of Crystal's. She totally outshines the rest of the remaining crew though I can see Lee DeWyze coming up with an upset. Big Mike may be next to travel home and Siobhan has a great voice but has to calm it down some. The screams are not helping.
  14. Nice list. There are many good ones not included on your list, some that were only heard in clubs and didn't get much air play back then. One song which I consider my favorite from the Disco era and rarely heard is Dancer by Gino Soccio. Other songs I would include on my list are: Born to Be Alive - Patrick Hernandez Come To Me - France Joli Dance, Dance, Dance - Chic Dance With Me - Peter Brown East To West - Voyage Love and Desire - Arpeggio Got My Mind Made Up - Instant Funk Hard to believe these songs are all over 30 years old. Just looking at these lists makes me want to go back to the days I wore my wide collared shirts, European cut suits and platform shoes. Then again, maybe not. LOL
  15. Laurie...I have to agree with you. "Mama Sox" is the one to beat in my book. She sounded great last night with Me and Bobby McGee. I agree with Randy and Simon...she nailed it!
  16. I am not sure if any of you have seen this video on YouTube. I found it a couple of months ago when it was first posted. On the video you will see a 12 year old girl playing her guitar singing a song she wrote as a tribute to the Beatles. The song is called Just Imagine and the words are included. It just goes to prove some of today's youngsters appreciate the Fab Four's music. Anyway, here is the YouTube link... Just Imagine, A Beatle's Tribute Song Have your kids had their daily dose of Beatlemania?
  17. I was able to go the the 2/18 show at the Garden courtesy of Q104. I won the tickets. Of the two, Beck was definitely the standout. He was nothing short of superb. Clapton was good but it was Beck's final two songs in his set, A Day In The Life and Nessum Dorma which were excellent.
  18. American Pie "them good ol' boys were drinking whiskey in Rye"
  19. I don't know if any of you were able to catch Jeff Beck and Clapton in concert during this tour. I was lucky enough to win a pair of tickets on Q104. I went to the February 18th concert at the Garden. I had never seen either in concert before. I was surprised at how much better Jeff Beck was over Clapton that evening. Beck came on first, had a string orchestra accompany him and played the heck out of his guitar. He closed his set with A Day In The Life and Nessum Dorma, the latter I believe will be on his upcoming album. Clapton started out acoustically going through a few songs before turning it over to electric. He was good and surprisingly I think he shone best in I Shot The Sheriff, though not one of my favorites. Beck and Clapton then appeared together for a few more songs and one encore. Overall it was a pretty good concert.
  20. Yes Ma'am. Something tells me I better listen to you Edna.
  21. Thanks MindCrime. You remember me! I checked my history of posts and it looks like I was last here in the spring of 2008. I think I will be hanging around here a bit.
  22. Star Wars (1977) Obi Wan Kenobi asks Hans Solo, "Who is the more foolish?...The fool or the fool who follows?" I have always loved that one. Other movies I have like with some memorable quotes are: The Deer Hunter Taxi Driver Murder By Death Pink Panther movies with Peter Sellers any movie with Jimmy Cagney
  23. Who's Next is by far their best album. Tommy is also a pretty good album. Two other albums I love by the Who is Quadrophenia and Who By Numbers.
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