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  1. axl rose robert plant kurt cobain james hetfield bon scott
  2. angus young probably is the guitarist that can put on the best show because my dad loves ac/dc and ive watched tapes with him and angus is a good show guitarist but as far as talent goes he isnt even in the top 20 imo. he does have a couple solos i know he has one in shook me all night long pretty kick ass.
  3. Anybody ever heard the alone song they did with pearl jam?? I only got a little bit of it but what i got is really good im going to go download the rest now.
  4. white stripes-little acorns, seven nation army, black math(i think) live-lightning crashes green day-brainstew ozzy-crazy train
  5. I think it is cool on nothing else matters(metallica) when james screams yeah hea right before the solo.
  6. Almost anything by metallica Led Zeppelin-Black Dog, Immigrant Song Nirvana-Smells like teen spirit,In Bloom,Heart-Shaped Box Jimi Hendrix-Purple Haze, Voodoo Child
  7. Yea i agree with you totally on slash. Isn't Velvet Revolver supposed to revive rock or something like that.
  8. walk on the wild side by lou reed is kind of funny.
  9. who is on your avatar mindcrime??
  10. ok here is the best or at least in the best category as ken says.
  11. i know yall are gonna jump on me for saying this but i think mark tremonti(creed) is kind of underrated i mean i know he isnt that good but he is decent. anybody else think so
  12. another underrated guitarist i forgot about would have to be jerry cantrell of alice in chains.
  13. well u must not have watched the page or hendrix tapes cause they both have alot of attitude and flash and they have alot more talent than angus young i mean all angus young has ever really done is played rock page has done every type of guitar playing possible almost.
  14. i mine as well not even argue with you cause obviously u never got past kiss or ac/dc cause to say angus young is better than hendrix or page is just mad.
  15. wouldnt u say dimebag got a tattoo of frehley cause he was influenced by him?? cause if thats what u say i mean dimebag could be influenced by him and still be way better than him cause he definitely is jus listen to any of his songs frehley has nothing on him.
  16. just got back from sam goody: i bought the blue wild angel jimi hendrix dvd im about to go watch it with a friend i will post about it later.
  17. yea u hit it jus bout right on the ones they missed mindcrime i mean come on no dimebag they are retarded.
  18. it is a dvd a friend of my dad's made it is jus videos he downloaded and then burnt a dvd with them on there. most of them are videos but i think paradise city is performed live. oh yea and at the end of the dvd the guy put some nickelback songs on there that i jus skip over lol.
  19. oh [bleep] they dont even have slash on the list. that list is way false
  20. yea i would have to say slash is startin to make it into my list of favorites as i listen to him more and more. i got a dvd full of old g n r videos and it has almost convinced me he is the best lol.
  21. kirk hammett is talented to be at 11 or higher imo but even though i like cobain should not be 12th and van halen,gilmour, and page and a lot of other people should be higher on the list.
  22. krist novoselic cliff burton(metallica's first bassist and prolly the best) flea geddy lee john paul jones primus' bassist forgot his name
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