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  1. heres the real guitarist! View Photo [Added by Sara] Please read the new rules about images.
  2. well i dont think paul gilbert is the best songwriter in my opinion. but batman, "all he is doing is playing really fast" uh... sorry its just a little more complicated than that. your right he is playing really fast but did you hear the solo in the song, or perhaps the bass breakouts? or perhaps the drum beat do you hear drummers like that everyday. and i think that paul gilbert is a guitar hero. in his band they joke around there not really trying to make the catchyest songs for the radio. now if you want good songwriters listen to opeth or in flames or children of bodom. and im sorry but not everyone can play the stuff that paul gilbert can. if you can play the song scarified on guitar after 2 months of practice ill give you an amount of money unfathomable. and as far as mozart and beethoven go, did you guys happen to notice the classical overtone of the song scarified? and if you didnt download the song gilberto concierto by him and listen to his classical guitarwork, and if its pentatonic [bleep] you guys want download red house by him. ill tell you guys a good all acoustic cd, damnation by opeth.
  3. well mindcrime, i see paul gilbert as a guitar master. not a songwriting master. who cares what lyrics he can compose? but if its acoustic guitar you want download "the jig" by paul gilbert and you will hear masterful acoustic guitar. the way i look at it, hendrix and clapton might have made some catchy songs but i doubt seriously they have made stuff that stands against, say, yngwie malmsteen, as far as guitar is concerned. i mean they might write the most insightful or personnaly gratifying lyrics any human brain has concieved, but im talkin about guitar here. and if its good songwriting you want listen to opeth.
  4. well, due to high demand and the challenges of other posters, i am back! but dont worry sara i will not be acting as extreme as i was in my first posts. the words moron and retard will not be used. well i see someone wanted a good musical debate and here i am to debate. i think i know my guitar so... "gimme your best shot" lol.
  5. pink floyd? hey you think theyd get into any maiden?
  6. well heres the thing, me and a few guys picked up guitars about 3 years ago and have been playing scales and modes with metronomes for about 2 years then we heard about underground heavy metal and shred guitarists and stuff. we started listening to it cause it was the most technical stuff wed ever heard. so we got all our death metal education and then started a not too serious or anything but we just wanted to write some stuff so we made some pretty bad songs but you dont make any money off of death metal. so were takin a break and we heard bar bands make alot of money so were learning a bunch of new metal stuff. like godsmack and whatnot. ill tell you i never listen to much mainstreem stuff cause i thought it was so simplistic, but now that i am covering alot of the songs, its sad how simplistic the songs are.i mean they are good songwriters though... :: ::but were sorta just lookin for good songs to cover cause we dont know any mainstreem stuff. all we listen to is technical stuff. challenging stuff. insane stuff.
  7. no its actually called "farva"
  8. cool how about classic rock? what some good classic rock?
  9. k everybody me and my friends made a bar band and we gotta have a bunch of covers. i was wondering what songs really get the crowd going. im not used to this type of music (i dont think playing cannibal corpse to a group of teenie-boppers would be a smart thing to do)
  10. oops my bad. yeah man they shred you gotta listen to them.
  11. yeah man hey dustin you ever heard bodom? or other underground metal bands?
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